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‘TCG’Dawn Cartwright – Be fully alive PLUS


Each of these can been experienced as a tone of feeling, bringing us into resonance with the totality of existential potential through human sexual experience.


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'TCG'Dawn Cartwright - Be fully alive PLUS‘TCG’Dawn Cartwright – Be fully alive PLUS

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You’re invited to join me for an experience that will change your relationship to sex and spirit forever.

An opportunity to dive deeply into Tantric practice in the comfort of your own home.  Audio Immersion includes 10 dynamic one-hour audio sessions with Dawn Cartwright.

Sex is one of the most powerful spiritual awakening forces in our lives, yet a great deal of our sexual potential lies untapped, unexplored.  Learn ways of accessing your sexual potential and freeing it, opening your body, heart and spirit to the experience of being fully alive.

Using Tantric techniques that incorporate breath, movement and awareness, you will learn how to access the heart of kundalini – your sexual energy. You’ll learn how to cultivate a sexual charge in your pelvis, how to channel this energy throughout your body and how to relax in high states of arousal, bringing you into a whole new relationship with sex, your body and your heart.

Sex is just the beginning, a doorway to self-realization. Knowing yourself through sex. Knowing yourself through your body. Experiencing, first hand, who you are when you allow yourself to be fully alive.

Be Fully Alive PLUS . Audio Immersion

Session 1 . Cultivating Sexual Awareness . We’ll begin by exploring a consciousness shifting sexual breathing technique, a subtle bio-energetic breathing practice that wakes up our awareness of the mystical aspects of lovemaking, as we open more completely to the potential for transformation and awakening contained in our sexuality.

Session 2 . The Bio-Matrix of the Tantric Grounding Practice . The muscles of the pelvic floor support our sexual organs and create a “ground” from which we enter all our relationships with greater authenticity, equanimity, openness and awareness.  We’ll learn how our sexuality is intimately connected to the bio-matrix of our planet Earth.

Session 3 . The Conception of the Human Fractal . Many things in nature are spirals, including the human embryo.  The embryo exists in the primordial field, open to receiving direct information from the cosmos.  The stresses of conformity and external societal pressures can freeze the body, creating chronic muscular tensions that stop, or inhibit, our natural evolution.  We’ll learn ways of opening the spiral, the human fractal, and realign with the matrix that lies within and beyond the world as we see it now.

Session 4 . Being Rather than Doing in Sexuality . We’ll learn a layering method to open the entire body to the experience of Being.  This practice, in my body, dissolves personality and opens me to the lovemaking – yes, that is exactly how I experience it and feel it in my body – between the female principle and the male principle.  When we are fully alive, every part of who we are, through all time and dimensions, is our loving.

Session 5 . The Breath of Union . The heart is the center of our body, half way between heaven and earth. You’ll learn one of the basic elements of Tantric union, The Breath of Ecstasy, a pranayama practice that opens the heart to self-reference in the experience of sexual union, an important step in surfing the waves of duality that have the potential to reveal the eternal One.

Session 6 . Purification . This dynamic bio-energetic practice unlocks the body at a cellular level, purifying consciousness and freeing energetic blocks that limit our perception of reality. Something extraordinary happens when the conditioning we have accumulated in our lives as sexual beings is erased. Somehow, it’s only then that the true self within us emerges and we experience, for the first time, the limitless potential we carry as human beings. We see the mind-blowing truth of this world we inhabit yet rarely touch.

Session 7.  Sustainability . The spaces we live in are vessels for our spirit. This shamanic practice will inspire and instruct you in creating sacred Tantric space in your home, your life and in your body. You will learn specific ways to create sustainable sexual integrity in the world and in your life.

Session 8 .  Sexual Inquiry . Have you ever taken a good look at how you relate to your sexuality? Have you ever wondered how to bring the sacredness you know is possible into your sexual expression? Through inquiry, you’ll discover how to bring the love you know is possible into your life – now.

Session 9 . The Inner Path to Sexual Resonance . You’ll learn to channel your sexual energy through your body in ways that will awaken these aspects of Being within you. Each of these 7 themes reflects the path taken by the Kundalini (the seeds of your potential) as she moves through the human body on her journey to unite with her beloved (the awareness of That).

Each of these can been experienced as a tone of feeling, bringing us into resonance with the totality of existential potential through human sexual experience. Root. Dwelling Place of the Self. Lustrous Gem. Unstruck. Purity. Beyond Wisdom. Thousandfold.

Session 10. The Tattvas . One of the most popular expressions found in the Upanishads is Tattvamsi which means . . . Thou art That. The 36 tattvas describe the Absolute, its internal aspects and the creation including living beings, down to the physical reality. In our final telecourse, we will experience the Shakti Tattvas – doors of perception – revealing your true nature as the Absolute.

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