The 20 Minute Work Day – Luther Landro


Well, this course is designed to answer that question. Listen and watch this 10-minute case study video above and by the end YOU will be able to earn a 6-figure income just by spending 20 focused minutes on the social network LinkedIn.



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What you'll learn

  • Earn money from their home computer…
  • Land consulting clients through LinkedIn…
  • Provide a simple service to business owners who need it…


  • NO previous experience…
  • 20 minutes a day…
  • A LinkedIn account…
  • The desire to earn extra money from home…


$100,000… All it took was 20 minutes a day spent milking the social network LinkedIn.

Hey, I'm Luther Landro and in the next few minutes you are going to find out how spending just 20 minutes a day on the LinkedIn has generate me a side income of over $100,000 in the past year.

Listen: the number one question I am asked by customers and coaching students is:

"What’s the easiest way to create a steady income stream online to help pay some bills?"

Well, this course is designed to answer that question. Listen and watch this 10-minute case study video above and by the end YOU will be able to earn a 6-figure income just by spending 20 focused minutes on the social network LinkedIn.

Use this extra cash too:

  • Pay off some bills each month
  • Pay off credit cards to get out of debt faster
  • Build a savings & retirement account
  • Or just have some extra breathing room each month in your finances.

You'll learn the surprising, but pretty obvious reason LinkedIn is far easier to earn money from than Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or any other social network that most amateurs try to monetize in a minute.

Look, this is not some flash in the pan 'loophole' that only worked once and now I'm selling a product on it. This has been going for over a year, earning 100k in 20 minutes of spare time each day.

I started this completely from scratch… A new LinkedIn account, a new stripe account, and I didn’t use any special software or contacts in my business. Sure I’ve made a lot of mistakes this past year, and it took plenty of trial and error to get this system working.

And just to be upfront about what you are about to learn, in this simple money making method:

  • There is NO cold calling, prospecting, or talking to offline business owners…
  • There’s NO trying to sell websites, mobile sites, SEO, or some other service that everyone else is peddling
  • This is not about affiliate marketing or buying ads. And this is certainly not about selling trinkets made in China on amazon or etsy.

This system also doesn’t require a lot of time during the day, in fact the reason it only takes 20 minutes is because, well, I only had 20 minutes a day to work on it when I started. You see, I had read an article in entrepreneur magazine about a young college student who was paying his way through college by earning money on LinkedIn. It was the first time I had heard of this. I knew a number of people who were successfully running a business through Facebook ads and Instagram to sell products but LinkedIn seemed more like a resume site than a money making opportunity.

The article inspired me, and I decided to try it out for myself. Running my normal business didn't give me a lot of time, so I set aside 20 minutes each day to work on this 'make money or die trying' on LinkedIn.

I called it my 'unofficial 20 minute LinkedIn experiment'.

Each day I set aside just 20 minutes to work on it. Sometimes in the morning before I started my day, sometimes at night before I went to bed. Dedicating a little bit of focused time each day to your goals is the surest way to achieving them.

I found a simple service I could offer business owners who had a linked in profile. This service was done on fiverr for $10… it generated leads and customers for nearly any type of business.

And what business out there doesn't want more leads and customers? In fact, that's the number one reason people are on Linked in in the first place.

Think about it: internet marketing gurus are always telling you to do your marketing on Facebook, on twitter, and on Instagram. Yet the average person visits those social networks to be entertained, not to buy things or to do business. They want cat photos, funny videos, celebrity gossip, and to spy on ex-girlfriends.

LinkedIn is completely different – everyone is on there to network and do business.

Finding business owners who want my service was… surprisingly easy with LinkedIn’s custom search function. Within seconds you can perform a search and find thousands of business owners who are eager to find more customers, and LOVE the lead generation service I offer.

It took me a while to figure out, but I found perfectly crafted search queries that identifies businesses that would love the service I was offering, and usually sign up after a single direct message.

That may sound complicated, but bear with me here… I've already done the work finding the perfect search criteria so all you would have to do is copy and paste the search text into your own LinkedIn account.

Once I found businesses using my custom search, I messaged each one about the service I was offering with a no-brainer price – $97/month. I know… That's an EXTREMELY low price, and in many cases I would charge $900/month for the same service yet I wanted this system to be about EASY money, and the low price made it a no brainer for business owners to take me up on my offer:

In most cases they respond back eager to sign up. $97/month to get new customers in their door. They'd have to be crazy to say no. After that I just send them a link to sign up and voila! $97/month gets deposited into my account on the spot. I've been using stripe to collect payments because it's a newer service, but you can just as easily send them a PayPal link to start collecting your payments.

As for servicing these business owners… I just take $10 out of the $97 they pay me, and buy 2 gigs on fiverr that do all the work. The rest is pure profit.

I'm sure you can see why in just 20 minutes a day I've been able to build a 100k/year income stream. I mean just imagine if you were to dedicate a full hour each day or more to this method… Or even charge more than $97/month with a little extra salesmanship in your messages. Whether you want to earn some side money online, or you want to build a huge business out of this, LinkedIn is an untapped goldmine that is easy to break into.

Listen: We all need a break in life sometimes. How will YOUR life be different a year from now after you have dedicated just 20 minutes a day to securing an extra income stream? When was the last time you surprised a loved one with an expensive gift because THEY deserved it? Or a surprise vacation where you forgot about your daily life for just a week…

Imagine it: All your bills are paid in full on the first of the month before you even wake up that morning. Debts get paid off fast, and you start to build a savings and retirement account. You're prepared for any emergency life may throw at you – loss of a job, surprise expenses, or even an illness in the family – 20 minutes a day is all it takes to be free from worry and build the confidence in knowing you can handle it.

I have compiled everything I have learned over the last year into an easy-to-follow guide that anyone can use to fill their bank account with 97/month payments and earn 6 figures a year in their spare time.

I call this guide: The 20-minute work day formula

The 20-minute work day formula is the only system that is proven to earn you $100,000 a year or more working for just 20 minutes a day on LinkedIn completely from scratch. This guidebook and bonus video series compiles everything I have learned over the past year into a step-by-step formula with most of the work done-for-you. Inside you'll learn:

  • How 2 gigs on fiverr costing just $10 can send a flood of leads and customers to ANY business that hires you – Customers will eagerly pay you $97/month or more for this service (I have one client that is paying over $1,000 a month to exclusively send customers from his town to him)
  • How to get LinkedIn to GUARANTEE your messages get read – LinkedIn has a little known marketing service called 'InMail' that guarantees a response to your messages. You can even use this service for free for the first month to book your first round of clients.
  • Learn the best business niches to target on LinkedIn – These 'hot businesses' are the hungriest for these services and will sign up after a single message on LinkedIn (the best part is that these businesses are EASY to find with Linkedin's custom search IF you have the right search query)
  • How to sell your fees in the first message so business owners sign up on the spot – My 'waived set up fee' creates a sense of scarcity in prospects and gets them to stop whatever they are doing as soon as they see your message and sign up for your monthly fees. $97/month is a total bargain for business owners, and many will even fight for your business. Some will pay extra fees (even over $1,000 a month) for you to work with them exclusively in certain geographic areas. YOU decide if you want to work with a handful of higher fee clients exclusively (and get paid a premium for the privilege) or work with a larger number of clients at lower fees.
  • My ‘3-minute PayPal setup' that will have you up and running, ready to collect payments with PayPal. You'll be able to create a buy link quickly to send out to business owners who want to pay for your service to strike while the iron is hot.

The 20-minute work day formula is hands down the easiest way to earn a side income online. Now before I show you how to get started let me ask you:

When could you block out 20 minutes each day if it meant earning an extra $100,000 this year?

Maybe in the mornings before you start your day… Or 20 minutes at night before you go to sleep… Or even on a lunch break while still at work. All it takes is 20 minutes of focused work with no distractions. No Facebook, no phone calls, and no TV. You'll be spending that time on LinkedIn, messaging businesses owners and signing them up for $97/month or more for a simple service you outsource on Fiverr.

At first the payments will come in slow. You'll sign up a few clients your first week, and earn a few hundred bucks a month in recurring income. Pretty soon you'll break your first $1,000 month… then $5,000… and eventually $10,000 or more in recurring payments direct into your account.

I want YOU to experience this for yourself, and I don't want your current financial situation to get in the way. That's why for the next week I am offering a massive discount on this program. It's also a way of saying thanks to my loyal customers who always come back to me whenever they need help in their business and their lives.

Right now you are getting everything in the 20-minute work day system… The guidebook, the video training, the done-for-you LinkedIn messages, the copy paste search queries… All for one easy payment of only $200

A small investment in your future, one that is protected by Udemy’s no-questions asked 30-day guarantee. Try this system on me for a full 30-days. If you decide this method is not for you, just contact Udemy support with the word 'refund' and I will send you back every penny of your investment. All the risk is on me here… To deliver results to you.

Remember: You have a full 30-days to put this to the test. Read through all the material BEFORE you commit to taking action. This way you are confident, and know exactly what to expect. In a few months’ time YOU will have built a steady income stream earning you thousands of dollars each and every month into your stripe or PayPal account. Each week, PayPal will deposit that balance into your bank account so you can use that money to pay bills, go on vacation, or invest in a savings account.

This income is your freedom from worry. Click the enroll in this course button now to get started earning money online and I will see you in the member’s area with even more surprise bonuses for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone needing to create an additional stream of income…

Course content
10 sections • 64 lectures • 4h 3m total length

  • Introduction & Basics
  • Getting The Big Picture
  • Getting Started
  • Planning A Lead Video Campaign
  • Creating Lead Videos
  • Ranking Lead Videos
  • Setting Up Linkedln
  • Booking Clients With Linkedln
  • Using Your Materials
  • Open The Door To Your Future

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