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The Branding Shoot Method 2023 – Sandra Chau


Internationally-renowned Stylist and Creative Director Sandra Chau pulls back the curtain on her signature visual brand storytelling method


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The Branding Shoot Method 2023 – Sandra Chau Course of Author, Price $199$1197

Internationally-renowned Stylist and Creative Director Sandra Chau pulls back the curtain on her signature visual brand storytelling method

Finally, create a brand that sells with consistent, elevated visuals

…the kind that give you the confidence to command your dream price, pursue new opportunities, and share your Instagram handle (because you’re finally proud of the way your brand looks!).

As a business owner, you took your brand from a pipe dream to a full-fledged reality (something you should be seriously proud of)
It’s been a labour of love, and you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating one-of-a-kind, impactful products or services.

But lately, it feels like you’ve hit a roadblock.

And you come face to face with it every time…

…you open Instagram to post but end up spending an hour scrolling through your camera roll struggling to find a single on-brand image to share 

…your friend asks you to share the link to your shop and you mumble something about it “not really being ready” (even though it’s been live for three years)

…you offboard a client and know you should reach out to new leads, but feel a looming sense of dread that they’ll take one glance at your Instagram account and think “she’s not legit”

…you get the itch to increase your prices but know deep down that, with the way your brand looks right now, your dream clients and customers won’t see the value. 

You know you need to be your business’ number one cheerleader.

But if you can’t shout about your brand from the rooftops, how are they going to know about it?

Truth is, this ^ has taken up a LOT of space in your mind lately

So you know the missing link between where you are right now and actually getting the right people to notice you is having on-brand images to use. 

…and not just any images.

The consistent, elevated, eye-catching type images — the ones that do the selling for you.

That would be fine and all… if you had $10,000+ to spend on a team of experts to create it all for you… 

…or an artistic eye to bring it to life on your own.

But, like most solo business owners, your budget is capped…

…and your speciality lies in creating valuable products or services for your dream clients, not curating images like the creative director of a well-oiled production team. 

So naturally, you’ve got a LOT of questions. 

  • How do I take show-stopping images that make my brand stand out from the crowd?
  • How do I tell a story and evoke emotion with my visuals so they connect with my dream clients and customers? 
  • How do I curate killer props so I always have something on hand to use? And how do I create different looks using the same props?
  • What brand colours should I use and how do I bring them into my shoot?
  • How do I take photos that look natural and not forced?
  • How do I get a ton of meaningful images out of a shoot so I can stretch my brand images months into the future?
  • How do I get images of more than just myself?

And once you’ve finally created those images (that’s if you get ones you’re actually proud of), you’ve got even more questions…

  • How do I decide if a photo makes the cut? 
  • How do I pull it all together to create a unique, cohesive brand that makes people want to buy?
  • How do I know which images to share on social media and on my website so they stop the right clients and customers in their scroll?
  • How do I strategically use my photos to communicate the value of my products so I can sell out my collections and gain trust with retailers?
  • How do I plan for the next shoot so that the photos are different and new but still true to my brand?

Let alone THIS big, glaring question…

Where do I even start?! 

^ I can assure you, you’re not the only one asking this. 😉 

From where you stand right now, you can see two ways out of this dilemma… 

Option 1: The Do-It-Yourself Approach

(Which, if you’re being really honest, you may have gone down this route before!)
This looks like…

  • Spending a day, or two… or every working hour… scrolling TikTok, diving deep down the YouTube black hole, and searching hashtags on Instagram, trying to find some magic photography, branding, and styling advice you can swipe. But, inevitably, feeling pulled in 100 different directions because of ALL the competing information 
  • Scouring Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and trying to dissect how a brand’s images have been made so you can recreate them for yourself … a copy-and-paste approach that will ultimately leave you blending in with everyone else 
  • Enroling in short marketing or photography courses (after all, you’re a self-confessed online course junkie!) which help sharpen your skills, but leave you feeling completely lost and overwhelmed about how everything actually fits together 
  • Enlisting a design-savvy friend to help you with the “branding” side of things, but quickly learning that a stand-out brand demands SO much more than a pretty logo… (there’s still that problem of creating a cohesive visual brand identity!)
  • Trying to take your own photos but struggling to find the right lighting, knowing what props to include, or how to achieve consistency across your visuals 
  • Or giving up on the whole unique photo thing altogether and resorting to scouring stock photo libraries for images that match your brand vibe… but realising they’re way too generic and won’t communicate the value of YOUR products or services 

You see, you could take this approach and do it ALL on your own — but that would be a HUGE amount of work.
And despite the hours, days, ahem, weeks you’d spend doing all of this stuff, taking the DIY route would ultimately leave you with a mish-mash of a brand that is anything but consistent or elevated.

So there’s this other approach you could take…

Option 2: The Outsource-Everything Approach
(While you may not have done this one in its entirety, I’m sure it’s crossed your mind!)
This looks like…
Paying professionals to do it all for you. We’re talking…

  • A brand strategist and stylist to plan out your shoot and make sure it will actually tell your brand story: $5k+
  • Models: $1k+
  • A hairstylist and makeup artist to get your models (or you) camera ready (or even just a Sephora run): $500+
  • A photographer to bring your brief to life and get all of the shots that will engage your ideal customers or clients… plus edit the photos for you: $3k+
  • A social media manager to plan out what to post and when (and schedule your content so it’s ready to go): $1k+
  • A content writer to curate conversion-worthy captions: $500+
  • Studio/venue hire: $1k+
  • Props/rentals: $100-$1k+
  • Not to mention any extras (florals, new clothes, the list goes on!): $2k+

This will take your hands off the nitty gritty and it may be slightly quicker than the Do-It-Yourself Approach (although you’d still have to fit in around the timeline of the service providers you choose), but it WILL cost you a pretty penny…

…we’re talking upwards of $10,000.

Multiply that by the number of times you want to repeat the process for new images each year and you’ll land at your annual grand total.

So you could choose either of these options… 

…but are they really going to be the quickest and most budget-friendly way to reach your goal of having consistent, elevated images that capture the attention of your ideal customers or clients?

What if there was a third option?

One you couldn’t find on Google…

An uncomplicated method that allows you to do all of THIS ^ even if you’re not a pro stylist or photographer (and without forking out the tens of thousands it would cost to hire experts to do it for you!) 

the Branding Shoot Method®

Your A-to-Z blueprint for capturing the attention of the right clients and customers with consistent, elevated visuals — all in a 5-module, self-paced course, complete with styling video demonstrations, bite-sized lessons, templates and worksheets.

This is my signature method that’s been put to the test by hundreds of creatives worldwide who’ve gone on to book their highest-paying clients, sell out their product collections, land magazine features, and collaborate with luxury brands (Dior and YSL ring a bell?)
Now, I’m handing over everything I’ve used to help them get there… to you.
If you’ve tried your best to create brand visuals but still have that “I’ve got NO idea what I’m doing” sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and just wish an expert could tell you EXACTLY what to do…
If you feel fairly good about your brand but keep missing out on dream clients and customers and know you could flip this script if you just had the tools to make your brand that little bit more elevated.
You need an uncomplicated, step-by-step system.
One that draws on the exact method I’ve developed over 10+ years’ experience directing and styling campaigns for tons of luxury brands all over the world – brands like Plann, Naked Lab, SOL Loungewear, Tea Nomad, and Mishku Studio.

Preview the refreshed curriculum for 2023

Chapter 1: Clarify Your Visual Brand

This is the secret sauce inside the Branding Shoot Method™ — how to compose jaw-dropping images that instantly elevate your brand. When you learn how to style using my signature process, you’ll be able to draw on this new skill set time and time again to execute on a brand photoshoot and add tons of show-stopping visuals to your image bank.

  • Learn my exact process for styling beautiful still life imagery by using the principles of composition and mood
  • Get 7 Secrets to Curating a Kick-Ass Styling Kit… including how to get the most bang for your buck as you create your kit, so you don’t blow your budget
  • Discover how to get the most visual content out of your still life set up, so you can make your images work for Instagram, online magazines, and more
  • Watch the Over-My-Shoulder Styling Tutorials where I take you behind-the-scenes of two branding shoot case studies: an inspiration wall shoot I did for a calligrapher and a how to style a corner of your office shoot — you’ll see me in action choosing the hero for an image, thinking about surfaces, adding texture, and more

Chapter 2: Styling 101

Discover my proven process for curating a game-changing branding shoot that results in an image bank of hundreds of show-stopping images that elevate your brand. Whether you’re styling your work in your own home or studio or bringing together a shoot to add content to your portfolio, my promise is that you’ll never feel like a photoshoot was a wasted investment ever again.

  • Go behind-the-scenes on several of my shoots to gain insight into my thought process behind creating the images, so you can plan for yours
  • Learn how to create a wide range of evergreen imagery from the one branding shoot, so you can use your photos strategically years down the track on your website, on social media, and in other brand materials
  • Swipe two detailed Sample Brand Shoot Shot Lists from real-life client projects, so you can prepare for your own shoot with ease
  • Learn how to maintain a sense of control throughout the day. Plus, learn the secret tip for capturing on-brand images on the day of your shoot simply by using your phone camera

Chapter 3: Create Your Game-Changing Branding Shoot

Step into the shoes of a creative director, so you can curate, style, and execute your branding shoot (and future shoots) with ease. This allows you to take control of telling your story through your images, because no-one knows your brand better than you.

  • Discover how to create and design a compelling concept for your branding shoot… including my step-by-step process for curating a mood board that clearly communicates your vision
  • Get the 3 crucial steps for bringing together your creative team to execute your game-changing branding shoot… and how to manage your team in the most organised and efficient way — do NOT schedule another brand photo shoot before watching these lessons
  • Swipe my Collaboration Ask Email Template — this is how I’ve built lasting relationships (and gotten more bang for my buck) with partners on a shoot
  • Learn how to create a day-of schedule, so you can clearly communicate hour-by-hour expectations. Plus, get access to my Day-Of-Shoot Runsheet Template to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Chapter 4: Become Your Brand’s Creative Director
If you want to make sure you present your brand consistently across social media and your website, this Chapter is the answer. You will learn how to strategically use the elevated visuals you have created to communicate your value to clients and customers again and again.

  • How to pull your visuals together to ultimately build know, like, and trust so that your brand does the selling for you
  • Get my secret to strategically choosing the perfect images from your shoot (and how to cull the photos you don’t need)
  • Discover how to use your images to transform your Instagram feed into a virtual billboard that compels dream clients and customers to say “yes” (this allows you to post intentionally instead of on the fly)
  • Learn 5 easy tweaks to giving your website a facelift using your new images, so visitors know they’re a perfect fit from the moment they land on your home page
  • Swipe the exact approach I teach my clients to get their shoots published (this dramatically increases eyeballs on your brand!) 
  • Learn how to strategically use your visuals on Pinterest to reach more of the right people (and how your Pinterest account can grow your Instagram following!) 
  • Get an insider tutorial from renowned Graphic Designer Mishku Studio on how to easily create impactful graphics and brand collateral using Canva 

Chapter 5: Create a Brand that Sells 

Curate a clear brand identity that has “you” written all over it — so you can become instantly recognisable by your ideal clients and customers even as you share new content or projects over time. This sets the foundation for ultimately having those elevated, consistent images your brand deserves.

  • Discover how to unlock your brand voice, aesthetic, and unique story, so you can translate them into compelling visuals that connect and convert
  • Learn how to define your ideal client and understand the essentials of creating show-stopping imagery that attracts them

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