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“This program really helped us improve our sales process and start to close deals on a regular predictable schedule. In the space of 4 months our customer base grew 3x. Juliana was fantastic, her added mentoring gave us specific advice for our business that would have taken years for us to work out without her expertise. I wish we’d signed up a year earlier.”



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Is “Budget” or “Timing” Often the Objection You Get?

Then you’re missing out on closing A LOT of opportunities.

I had to learn this the hard way years ago as an entrepreneur and as a sales rep.

While I believed in my products, I struggled to get buyers to see the value I saw in them.

After a ton of painful rejection, I brushed my ego aside and started to look for answers.

My findings led me become a consistent top performing rep out of 800 other sales people and one of the most sought after and well respected enterprise sales professionals in SaaS.

I’ve taken these findings I’ve learned as a struggling rep to top performer and broken them into bite sized video based lessons you can start using today to increase your close rate with the modern business buyer.

Who Should Buy

Sell to the Enterprise is for time-strapped folks selling products or services to complex business. In essence, your sale is often complex and not obvious. You often feel like you gotta do a lot of convincing…

You’re a…

Individual Contributor looking to sell more in 2017 (without doing more work).

Startup Founder who hears what they have is “interesting” but kind of suck at the closing part.

Sales & Marketing leader with sales teams that seem to only close deals out of luck vs. actual sales skill. You’re worried your team is missing opportunities due to untrained ears. I know the feeling.

How it works

Upon signing up, you’ll get immediate access to 6 video based modules guiding you through key parts of your sales process. Whether you have a sales process in place or are just getting started, this video based series will take you step-by-step through they key components most folks overlook.

You’ll discover:

  • Why you’re probably prospecting the wrong way.
  • A better way to prioritize opportunities and prospects and save time in the “research phase”
  • Modern best practices for list building as well as free and paid tools to get you there faster.
  • The 7 essential types of questions to ask to get your prospect to sell themselves. Never again will you feel pushy or salesy.
  • Why finding your prospect’s pain is the #1 most essential part of the sales process.
  • How different types of pain lead to different contract values and buyer types.
  • The different buyer types and how to manage them to get their buy-in
  • Which buyer types to start with and which to stop wasting so much time on
  • 3 essential negotiation tactics along with role-plays to see them in action
  • Common procurement hacks and the contracting tips to make sure your deal doesn’t die
  • And much more…

What you get

  • Lifetime access to the complete Sell to the Enterprise video based training.
  • 60+ Training videos (8 hours of content).
  • 8 Expert Interviews (~8 hours of content).
  • Sample scripts, sample email templates, and video role-plays.
  • Cheat sheets, worksheets and exercises to guide you through each module.
  • Sample contracts for deals and special legal terms to consider.
  • Members only discussions below each lesson.
  • Members only private Facebook group.
  • Up to $9,000 in product discounts to help you put the technology step on autopilot.


Similar products of this scope start at $3,000 and are far less respectful of your time. From my experience, the content doesn’t get to the point. I created this program specifically to help get you to the takeaways faster. Just take a look at what a few of our happy students have to say…

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