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Jeffy Finally Cracks Open The Vault…

And Reveals To You 5+ Years Worth Of

“In House” RSD Secrets, Hyper-Advanced Techniques, And His PERSONAL “Master Formula” For Skyrocketing Your Success With Women To The EXTREME

Are You Ready To “Cut The Crap” And Propel Your Dating Life To A Carnival

Of Sexual Abundance This Year And Every Year For The Rest Of Your Life??  Prepare Yourself.  Just One “Hit” From Jeffy’s Repertoire Will WIPE The Floor With You


Hi there…

Tyler here (YES the “real” Tyler, I don’t allow my name to be used on anything that I didn’t personally write), and I’ve got a quick question for you… 🙂

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to just “cut loose” and tap into that awesome “unpredictable and out-of-control” side of your personality??

You know, that side you feel brewing beneath the surface and when you’ve seen it “flicker” women have lit up with HARD attraction for you*instantly* (it’s so instinctive you’d might as well call it a “stimulus-response”).

Be honest with me here.

I want to know…

have you ever felt a “spark” of something more RAW inside yourself, a dimension of your personality that you KNOW is as legitimate (if not more) as every other, but for some reason society has taught you to suppress??

have you ever felt like you were “holding something back” and that there might be a “primal” element you were BORN WITH, which if you had the ability to “tap into” would have women flocking towards you in droves??

have you ever had the desire to just rip the chains off and PUT YOUR FULL PERSONALITY out there and be the COMPLETE and ATTRACTIVE person that you know you’re meant to be??

Alright well here’s the next big question then…

What if these brief “flashes” of pure glory were something that you managed to unleash consistently on a night-by-night basis??

What you had FULL CONTROL over this, and it became an integral part of WHO YOU ARE??

Think about what your game would look like.  The type of ridiculous success with women you’d be getting for yourself if you could just DO IT.

Well, I happen to know a guy who’s tapped into this side of himself on an EXTREME level…

This is a guy who is so dangerously effective with women that he walks into his favorite venues and the bouncers and staff will just chuckle and shake their heads because they KNOW the frenzy that’s about to ensue.

And guess what?  YOU know this guy as well.  You’ve been reading about his adventures in the notorious RSD newsletter for the last five years.

The man we’re talking about here is Jeffy.  And he has something very important he wants to teach you.  An urgent “correspondence” that he needs to get of his chest…

The Legend Of Jeffy:  In Any Industry Insider’s “Top 5 In The World”

I’ve stated this over and over for years now, and I’ll say it once again just to make sure it’s 100% crystal-clear:  Jeffy is flat out, without the slightest hesitation one of the “best with women” in the world.

If you ask me why (very reasonable), I just break it down with the hard facts…

Jeffy has been going out and meeting women continually since 2002.  He’s been teaching live high pressure dating bootcamps where he demonstrates his skills every weekend ever since 2003.

He’s taught how to be a shocking success with girls up close and personal with thousands of ecstatic clients, and his students have consistently wound up going home with girls during his actual programs about 50 to 75% of the time.

(These numbers are unheard of by the way…)

This a guy who’s been with literally in the hundreds of women.  That’s not the exaggerated hundreds that most “gurus” out there claim (some even ridiculously claim in the thousands).  This is just the real deal.

We’re talking every type of girl you can think of, from headcase models and exotic dancers to “high class” socialites and nerd-chicks and girls-next-door.

Every well known “pick up artist” in the game has urgently sought out his advice at one point or other.  He’s been my own personal “secret weapon” for crucial crunch-time aspects of my game (like how to make girls desperate for you) for a very long time.  It was actually Jeffy’s explicit advice that helped me to land my current girlfriend.

Jeffy is also notorious for having had over TWO DOZEN threesomes in the space of a single year.  The stories of sordid debauchery would blow you away if you haven’t read about them already.

He’s highly innovative and always on the cutting edge.  He’s got tons of the hardest hitting never-seen-before openers, stories, formulas, and techniques (as well as tons of “outside the box” elements that most people would never think about) at his full disposal at all times.

The guy has been with women all over the world.  His programs have taken him on extended trips all over America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and now even Africa.  The techniques that he employs are field-proven to work everywhere.

We’re talking an “Original Gangster” here…

He even played the game while being overweight back in the day, before he cleaned up his act and got “ripped” like he is now (which he did for personal health reasons) and landed countless girls even as a chubby slob.

It was ridiculous…

The bottom line to me is that Jeffy always seems to have the most girls on-the-go of anyone I know.  Last I checked he had 14 different girls that he was dating at the same time, and he was somehow able to keep them all “cool” about it.

He’s got a massive cult-following with his insane reports of dating mayhem, and the man just has this funny/badass/rebel “all in one” personality while being a super-professional and mega-effective teacher at the same time.

Anyway, there’s one thing I can say for absolute sure…

Every guy on this planet who wants to get massive success with women should be desperate to soak up knowledge from this guy.

Jeffy is a crack expert at communicating his ideas and secrets to you.

He’s the type of guy to force feed advanced skills into your head, pounding them in mercilessly whether you like it or not.

And his greatest resource is now being made at your disposal…

Five Years Of Total Insanity In The Dating Game…

Six Months Of Preparation, Rehearsals, And Development…  Jeffy’s Masterpiece Finally Brought To You In Crystal Clear Video And Audio

I remember it was about this time last year that I first approached Jeffy about doing “The Jeffy Show”.

The key issues on his plate were these…:

  1. Jeffy is known for getting *insane* success with women.  This is a guy who can barely be bothered promoting himself as a “pickup guru” because he’s literally (ahem) “hanging out” with one girl or another all the time.
  2. To make the program 100% “true and authentic” to what he’s REALLY DOING to get this type of shocking success would be extremely difficult.
    That’s because Jeffy has an arsenal of FIVE YEARS worth of personal experiences, methodologies, and techniques that he’s using to get the extreme results at all times … which is not exactly easy to put into words.
  3. For Jeffy to force-feed all of this advanced-dating-wisdom into a cohesive step-by-step master formula (that you could instantly use to replicate his level of results) would take literally months of his time, pulling him away from his “extra curricular activities”.


Obviously it took me a lot of arm-twisting, bribing, prodding and convincing to get Jeffy on board.

But you know what??

Once he decided to do it, he threw everything he had into it.

We got together in Honolulu Hawaii (aka – “bribing”) for a backroom brainstorming session that would rock you to your core.

The room was covered with mountainous stacks of Jeffy’s private notes and field-reports from a half decade’s worth of “highly experimental” dating successes and failures – and we started the long, grueling process of burning through them and filtering for the best of the best.

What happened next was probably one of the most riveting experiences of my entire career…

We started turning up nuggets of gold.  Literally, one after another, all over the place.

It’s like we were drowning in an oasis of the most uber-advanced, hyper-detailed dating wisdom I’d ever encountered.

This was the type of stuff that could rocket your success with women from amateur-mediocre levels to the carnival of sexual abundance that’s usually only enjoyed by the pros.

We’re talking (and this doesn’t remotely cover it)…

…the most absurdly innovative techniques for sparking HARD attraction and “against-all-odds” closing the deal I’ve ever seen… 

…swipe files with “step-by-step formulas” and “verbatim-instructional-dialogue” of the most daring pickups ever performed… 

…and every single thing the “top guys” intuitively understand (but can never properly explain) about female psychology to give you the ability to tease a girl’s “hot buttons” to a point of frenzy. 

Jeffy himself realized that he was doing all this stuff unconsciously – that he had “internalized” all of these personally-invented methodologies, formulas and techniques and then forgotten about it.

It had become a part of his natural personality, and a surging force in what was empowering him to get the continual tsunami of girls in his life for the past several years.

(That’s really the ultimate goal with all this:  “Unconscious competence” where you get continual success with women without ever having to think about it ever again.)

Anyway, with two straight weeks of 14 hour workdays under our belts, we had just the *seed* of what would soon become Jeffy’s masterpiece.

This was followed by a “West Coast Tour” of Live Rehearsals, where Jeffy riveted slack-jawed audiences with what many described as being a “front row seat to a once in a life time rock concert learning event.”

Jeffy was absolutely insistent that the final-cut would be a RIPPER – 100% ready-to-rock and stream-of-consciousness (unlike the BS where gurus will read off of their notes) for the most spellbinding performance in the history of the dating community.

And the result was insane…

The room-rocking final event in Hollywood California was slickly polished and obnoxiously-organized – with every section specifically designed to explode your reality of what’s possible and and shortcut your learning curve to EXTREME success with women by as much as several years.

It was truly incredible.

Well guess what??

The crystal clear recording of that epic event is now here, and it’s going to uplift you like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

“The Jeffy Show” Will Ignite “Raw Animal Magnetism” In You Like No Other Program On Earth

So OK, all this is true.  So what??

There are a lot of bomb-shell programs out there.  Foundations, the first ever RSD program remains a one-stop dating reference library.  Transformations mapped the journeys of five of the top dating coaches on the planet.

What does “The Jeffy Show” bring to the table?  What’s unique about it?  What does it offer you that nothing else does?

Well, it’s very simple.  It’s got two aspects to it.

“The Jeffy Show” will give you a soup to nuts tactical breakdown of every stage of the game.  Lines, gambits, stories – he lays his entire toolbox bare.

He’s holding nothing back – this is the distilled wisdom from five years of Jeffy’s one relentless obsession – attracting women.

If you want a program that will give you “everything you need to get off the ground,” this is it.  But all that, no matter how groundbreaking, raw, hilarious or instantly-usable adds up to about 10% of the value of this course.

The other 90% of the value lies seething beneath it’s “how to” content.

We’re talking a very special “extremely-advanced-feature” that’s going to change the way you approach the game forever, and give you the type of raw out-of-control “animal magnetism” that’s previously been reserved only for the 4-5 year veterans who can handle the intensity of it.

Jeffy’s unique perspective is that of a man who’s learned to unleash the blistering power of his innate masculinity (a “master-skill” that he demonstrates over and over, every weekend, to stunned Bootcamp clients worldwide).

This is something that, up until this point in history, has never been taught.

Now all that’s changed.

The most valuable part of this program is, by far, the step-by-step instructions that will allow you to both 1) harness the “raging-zen” type headspace, and 2) fine-tune all of the “riding the edge of the cliff” outer behaviors.

Have you ever had one of those nights out (maybe at the club or *wherever*) where you were just a wildman out of control??

These are the times that women are just flocking to you…  Staring at you from every corner of the room.

You’re clearly the man.  You have presence.  Total domination of the social environment.  You just pick the girl you want and you drag her home.

Think of it like a physical heat dripping off of you, radiating your core-self, and you’re just entirely out-of-control.

It’s about unpredictability.  Not just being a bit cocky or quirky, but being the “sex-material guy” on a level where women want to tame you (the best way they know how…).

That’s what we’re talking about here…

Jeffy is a master of quick-learning communication, rocket-shuttling you towards every goal you have the courage to dream of.

It was several years ago it “clicked” for him that the short-cut secret to rapid, meteoric advancement in the game has got nothing to do with what you say, or even how you say it.

(Regardless that he teaches all this stuff in vivid detail to get you moving…)

It’s all about whether or not you have learned to deploy your masculinity like an artillery piece.

To do that, you need to 1) shatter the chains that socialization has placed around you and walk through the world “in your own reality”, and 2) be a MASTER and “riding the wave” and surfing the social-tsunami you create all the way to the shore.

Jeffy is revealing the perspectives it took him years of agony to develop.

The live in-field bootcamps he teaches are often hard to get into (limited to only 3 spaces), and this is a roadmap that’s designed to install in you this reality-shattering epiphany.

There are a ton of intricacies that make this work on a level where people are LOVING it and women are falling all over themselves, but once you’ve “got it down” it definitely becomes the absolute key piece in your game.

Let me explain…

Women Swoon For “Rockstars” Because Of Their Self-Directed, Unpredictable Nature

A lot of guys will see rock stars (who often have women literally lined up outside their dressing rooms for a chance to hook up) and think “Oh, that’s just the fame… That could never be me…”

The thing a lot of guys fail to grasp is that NOBODY is “cut from a different cloth”.

What one man can do, another can do.  Point blank period.

The “key piece” that a lot of rock stars have that YOU (and most people) probably don’t, is that they’re highly self-directed and just do whatever they feel like doing, *whenever* they feel like doing it.

This aspect of their nature makes them highly exciting, unpredictable, and literally *addictive* to be around.  Women flock to them.  One night stands.  Threesomes.  Whatever.

The question you’ve got to ask yourself here is are YOU on that same level??

See, the vast majority of people spend their entire lives trying to FIT IN and AVOID JUDGEMENT.

They might *think* they’re being exciting and unpredictable.  Maybe they have that “one crazy shirt” they wore in Cancun or a “wacky-line” like saying to a girl “I’d marry and then divorce you for half your money…”

(Which are great, but it’s not the CORE animal-magnetism that sends women into a wild uncontrollable frenzy).

The sad truth is that most guys haven’t REALLY cultivated this side of their personality as much as they think.

Ask yourself:  “ARE WOMEN FLOCKING TO ME??”

It’s a simple question.  Either they are or they aren’t.

Now if they’re not, it’s very likely BECAUSE this “key piece” in your game is M.I.A.

(Or at least it’s not developed to its true potential…)

Now you might be thinking…  “But that’s not my style… I am the way I am, and that’s Jeffy not ME…”

The thing is, this is about CREATING BALANCE and ROUNDING OUT your personality by tapping into an innate NATURAL part of your animal core that’s been suppressed up until this very day.

Take a guy like Jeffy, who if you’ve read his extensive-writings you know is intelligent, educated, and highly articulate.  The guy is a “classic literature buff” and into –gardening- of all random things.

In many respects he’s even the “perfect gentlemen” as he self-jokingly takes women out on legitimate “romantic dates”.

So yeah, if you meet him he might come across as highly professional or even a sophisticated dude (as funny as that sounds).

AT THE SAME TIME, Jeffy isn’t CONFINED by social “labels” or “categorization”.

He’s tapped into a deep and fundamental part of his CORE SELF and he’s got that WELL-ROUNDED character that makes him blisteringly-compelling for women to be around.

The man is not controlled by ANYONE or ANYTHING.  You could say that he’s used his intelligence to cultivate ALL of his natural abilities.  He enters the bar, club, mall, or any venue of choice and just TAKES OVER.

(NOTE:  If you know Leonardo da Vinci you’ve heard the term “Renaissance Man,” which is basically someone who’s developed a BROAD RANGE of their abilities…)

And you know what??

This is SPECIFIC REASON why Jeffy has experienced the most insane, surging success when it comes to women.

He’s been able to command the identical type of sex-life that most rock stars have, without so much as a shred of the fame or high-profile.

More importantly though, this is where YOU fit into this equation.

You’ve probably known for a long time that being a “complex” and “dynamic” guy is what makes women COMPELLED to be around you.  Anyone versed in the “Art Of Seduction” knows that having “multiple-sides” makes you exciting and addictive for women to be around.

Jeffy has been teaching people LIKE YOU to get this exact result through highly refined LIVE IN-FIELD DEMONSTRATION virtually every weekend for many years.

His advice isn’t theory or guess-work, it’s a results-oriented PROVEN practical methodology that’s actually worked both for himself and countless ecstatic clients every weekend since 2003.

The result:  No matter how bad you think you are at “walking on the wild-side” you will come out of this program armed with SPECIFIC formulas, techniques and understandings that ONLY a proven, tested and experienced professional of Jeffy’s caliber can give you.

YOU will be the “star” in your own show, and THAT is how you get to “next level”.

This goes both for your dating life, as well as for when you meet that perfect girl…

If You Want An Awesome Girlfriend, Learn From Guys Who Are Never, Ever At A Loss For Girls Trying To “Tame” Them

In all my time learning “success with women” I’ve seen a lot of guys who get into this specifically to find their perfect girlfriend.

That makes a lot of sense to me, and it’s why I originally got into this myself.

There’s really nothing like having an awesome girl to wake up to every morning, condom-free sex whenever you want, love and affection – it’s honestly *awesome*.

In fact given the choice, I think most guys would choose the pleasing-easiness of endless sex with a girl he really likes over having to approach, attract, and ultimately “close the deal” every time he goes out.

There is a DARKSIDE to all this, however…

In all of my years of studying, the one shocking fact I’ve come to witness again and again is that it’s the guys who most WANT a girlfriend who can seriously NEVER find one.

It’s like in the movie “Swingers” where the main good-guy only gets the girl when he’s finally 100% HAPPY with being single again.

The issue, of course, is that in order to GET the perfect girlfriend you have to BE the type of guy who is so self-amused that you could “take it or leave it”.

After all, it’s always the hyper-skilled “players” (who oftentimes hook up with girl after girl) who are NEVER, EVER at a loss for a super hot girl trying to “tie them down”.

It might sound strange, but the best way I could put it to you is like this…

I’ve rarely seen a scorching-hot girl say “There’s this guy who likes me and he’s asked me to be in a relationship with him and I’m going to do it…”

Far, FAR more often it’s been “I think he might be seeing other people and I want to make him ALL MINE…”

(Always exceptions, of course, but this is how it most often plays out…)

Girls will usually obsess and obsess – ala “Sex In The City” reality – until they tie-down the challenging object of their desires.  That’s just the nature of the “bigger better deal” society we live in today.

So the ONE UNIVERSAL TRUTH that needs to “click” in your head is this:

You might want to take on the type of EXTREME dating lifestyle that Jeffy has long-enjoyed.  Maybe you want to try it for a SINGLE DAY just to experience it, or maybe you want to find the perfect girl and SETTLE DOWN.

All are 100% worthy goals…

But hands down the most effective and field-proven way of meeting the “right girl” is to learn from the guys who ALWAYS have hot women trying to “capture” and “tie them down”.

Even if making the girl you like obsess over you isn’t necessarily YOUR specific intention…

Being the “sex worthy man” who projects true raw magnetism is going to get you want you want REGARDLESS of your individual goals (which you will DEMOLISH with flying colors).

Here is how Jeffy reveals to you the skills…

6 Areas Of Game…

Crammed With Distilled Understanding

100% Earth-Shattering Wisdom From The World’s Most Extreme Master Of Sexual State Projection

The Jeffy Show: Advanced Dating Strategies For An Absurd Universe is a 6 disc program that’s filled to the creaking seams with red hot, raw content.

Jeffy’s presentation has been honed and crafted to deliver savage and instant leaps in your abilities to form rapid sexual connections with even model-hot women.

It’s brought to you by Jeffy, one of the central pillars of the Real Social Dynamics crew – a man who rarely gets challenged if he describes himself as the most CURRENTLY ACTIVE successful dating coach today.

Here is a closer examination of what you can expect…



As many of you guys know, Jeffy has overcome some extreme inner game issues.

He’s the guy who I trust with even the most difficult and socially-challenged students, because I know he can deliver reality-defying results with anyone, regardless of their background.

This is the guy that most people in the community hold with a measure of awe – and a measure of fear.  His volatile nature makes him wild and unpredictable.  Some can’t handle that.  Others – and especially women – love it.

He’s offering you the stripped down, tuned-up core of the inner game secrets he has used with infamous success to unleash amazing change in his students – every weekend for 5 years – teaching live programs with RSD.

You might wonder at this but I’ve personally got so much from this disk.  His insights are raw and untamed, and have a transformative effect unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I speak from personal experience.  I found this disk to be extremely helpful.

Have a look…

  • You’ll hear about “Getting your mind right” – you’ll be spoon-fed all you need to hear to build a rock-solid core of personal confidence.
  • You’ll hear the story of Jeffy’s FIRST EVER conquest – after hearing the sickening story of this 350 pound whale you’ll never feel insecure about your past indiscretions – and you’ll be INSPIRED to accelerate your learning curve.
  • Jeffy’s personal BREAKDOWN of how to direct the rhythms of EVERY interaction.  It’s something he developed so well that he got addicted to the feeling of control – so much so that he purposefully chose to step back from it.  Now, you’ll make that choice for yourself.
  • He spells out a definition of game that’s COMPLETE and SIMPLE.  When you wrap your head around this, you’ll get a rush of insight that will amplify all your interactions.
  • Because of this you’ll also see – with CRYSTAL CLARITY – the heart of game itself.  When you do, you’ll easily be able to directly address the deep issues that will transform you into a bona fide pimp.
  • You’ll learn the four classes of women you should never sleep with, no matter how hot they are!  And the great thing is that once you’ve finished watching, you’ll be coming from a place of such abundance… that you won’t even care.
  • You’ll learn to engage a woman with HYPER FOCUS.  Once you’ve locked on, you’ll create a little world for you both, and she won’t be able to pull away… because she won’t want to.
  • You’ll discover how to maintain your own little magic bubble, just you and the girl.  Once you flick it up, the distractions of the most intense club melt away like rain.  She’ll even ignore her friends to be with you!
  • You’ll hear Jeffy’s take on the RSD Triangle… how to create a weird, synergistic effect that amps all areas of your life to new levels you never even knew about.  It’s the secret to forging a well balanced existence that women will fight to be part of.
  • Jeffy’s 9 characteristics of Being In State – the most important and most unrepresented area of game.  Most teachers can’t teach this without sounding hokey or weird – Jeffy cuts out the crap and cuts to the chase giving you a rock-solid understanding of this KEYSTONE of attraction.
  • You’ll hear about a strange paradox that is almost certainly killing your success with women.  It’s a subtle, useful truth that will make a RAPID improvement to how many women you pull.
  • You’ll discover how to GRASP your true uniqueness.  Be warned – this is not some self-help mumbo-jumbo.  These are the key, rock-solid steps you need to get confidence that’s immune to criticism, eager for challenge and emotionally in control.
  • You’ll learn why being in state is – strangely enough – not always pleasant (it might be a struggle… it might even be terrifying).  Once you click to this, you’ll stop tripping yourself up and hampering your own success with women!
  • You’ll find out how to avoid trash talking, and how to avoid getting sucked in to arguments or destructive conversations that can kill your ability to get the girl.
  • You’ll learn the true secret of the masters – with this one paradigm shift you’ll snap out of a hardcore struggle mentality, and into the fast lane.  After this, you’ll actually look forward to going out ON YOUR OWN – and your game will skyrocket!
  • Use the mindset of “The Hustler” to gain a sense of pride and dignity that women will automatically sense and gravitate toward.  They won’t be able to stop looking at you, because you’ll never be a loser again.  You’ll be a WINNER.
  • Learn step by step how to perform ALCHEMY – taking failed interactions that felt like DOOM and FAILURE, and TRANSMUTING them into some of the greatest learning tools in your future success.
  • You’ll finally see why your biggest enemy is yourself – and you’ll learn CONCRETE TECHNIQUES to get out of your own way!  These simple insights will slice your learning time clean in two.
  • How to set yourself achievable, progressive goals – you’ll go from learning how to say “Hi!” to chicks to knowing how to score hook ups in nightclubs, cinemas and airplane bathrooms.
  • You’ll find out how to hit a point of “total immersion” where you don’t have to even try to remember any of this stuff.  It will just come to you exactly when you need it.  Women will be blown away by how sharp you are.  So will you.
  • You’ll discover a profound and lifechanging secret that all top seducers know: how to make your self-esteem the cause, and not the result of your social success!
  • You’ll also learn something arguably more important – how to avoid going too far into pickup, and becoming dangerously addicted to the success you’ll get.
  • You’ll see the beating heart of what it is that’s holding you back – as Jeffy exposes the neutering effects of socialization.  You’ll get the tools you need to obliterate them like a house of cards in a hurricane.
  • You’ll listen as Jeffy reveals his own internal code – the core beliefs that make him a man of action and a man of integrity…  the things that make him genuinely attractive to women – and you’ll learn how to develop your own core values to get the same potent effect.
  • You’ll hear the progression of values – from a child, to a young adult, and finally to the stage that most men never reach… true emotional maturity.
  • Once you’ve had it laid out in front of you, this internal roadmap will turbocharge your growth into a mature, desirable man.
  • You’ll uncover the hidden truth of Jeffy’s internal Odyssey… From believing himself a chode with a thin veneer of game, he maps out the shift from a weak and fractured self image, into an iron-clad emotional core of decency and desire.
  • The very real dangers of compromising your own life… you’ll see a picture of a pre-RSD Jeffy, and the pain you’ll see in his hollow eyes will shock you.  You’ll by stunned by the seismic shift to who his is today – and you’ll learn to make that shift yourself.
  • You’ll learn a rock-solid, field-tested mantra.  Jeffy uses this on bootcamp to supercharge students, inspiring them to acts of belief-shattering success.
  • Imagine having Jeffy in your ear, as if you’d paid for his personal attention, monitoring your internal state all night, every night.  Once you’ve absorbed his mantra, every night out will be just like that.
  • You’ll learn how to ‘ZAP’ irrelevant thoughts out of your reality, clearing your head and focusing your attention to a razor edge.
  • Use the philosophy of full-contact sports to blitz through social pressure – this champion’s secret will revolutionize the way you interact with women.
  • fascinating parallel between self-help and personal fitness – once you’ve gotten your head around this powerful reframe you’ll be inspired to develop other aspects of your life – a quest that will massively impact your success in the club!
  • You’ll learn the dark secrets of self-delusion.  After exposing yourself to this searing, insider’s guide to the lies we tell ourselves you’ll have the right weapons to blast through your rationalizations, achieving whole new levels of sexual desirability.



For all the guys out there who are looking for solid groundwork – this disk will be a Godsend.

Jeffy goes, point by point, over the fundamental principles of game.

These are the basic things that will make you amazing.  This disk is all about exposing – and RAMMING HOME – the importance of what some people term the ‘elusive obvious.’

Even after years in the game, teaching hundred of guys – I found that there was a great deal on this disc that instantly impacted my game.  I noticed a curious, but very powerful shift in myself immediately.

For someone coming from LESS experience than I have (basically everybody), this disk would be a literal QUANTUM LEAP… and then some.

  • You’ll hear the one key thing around which your entire game revolves.  Amazingly, most guys neglect this area, and then complain when night after night they get blown out over and over.  Once you know what to focus on, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your efforts in the fields are no longer being wasted!
  • You’ll hear the astounding tale of an old, short deaf guy, who could get any woman in the club.  After seeing this guy, Jeffy needed to know what his secret was – now you’ll hear the results of Jeffy’s obsessed interrogation.
  • The crazy secret of an Irish Drunken Kung Fu Master – once armed with this fearsome mindset you’ll know exactly how to open any group with power and precision.  You’ll be the only guy that night who grabbed the attention of that elusive “10”.
  • How to PLOW to maximum effect, giving girls a chance to find out who you are and love you for it.
  • How to step up to a group of girls like a BOMB is going off.  You’ll never be ignored again – not once.
  • You’ll see how Jeffy uses random topics pulled from thin air to defuse the harshest tests that the most beautiful women throw out – you can learn these word-for-word – and you’ll also understand the theory behind it, so you can create hilarious comebacks on the fly.
  • Instantly learn through countless real-life NEVER HEARD BEFORE stories how YOU can express to women the qualities that will get girls squirming to keep you from talking to other women!
  • You’ll discover the mind-warping truth behind why showing off – even (and sometimes especially) if you’re a brain surgeon or a race-car driver – can shatter any approach, and EXACTLY how to deploy information about yourself with pin-point accuracy, guaranteeing a red-hot response.
  • You’ll find out how to avoid the horrors of the dreaded CHODE CRYSTAL – a subconscious habit that will drag your night down if you don’t know about it – and how to shatter it when it does arise!
  • Learn the amazing DOUCHEBAG OPENER – and the list of contingencies to make it start conversations like magic – no matter what she says in reply.
  • You’ll hear the hilarious stories of Jeffy’s FRENCH MIDGET WINGMAN.  This short guy rides a scooter while wearing a spiked German WW1 helmet – and pulls like a rock star.  You’ll find out how – and you don’t have to be French (or a midget) to do it!
  • You’ll hear how Jeffy’s exploits in the club led to him drinking more and more booze – and his ultimate trick for breaking free of “Gummi-Berry Juice.”  After you deploy this simple trick you’ll take full control over your social drinking.
  • The four levels of fashion – a simple way of understanding what fashion is all about, and how to use it to get the hottest girls in the club, even if you’ve no idea whatsoever about how to dress or what to wear.
  • THE WALK UP – You’ll find out what Jeffy says to himself in those split-seconds before he opens conversation with beautiful women to force himself out of his head and into the moment (hint – it’s simple, memorable and works the first time you try it!)
  • You’ll find out how to avoid the problem of the LINGERCHODE, dodging a problem that will get you blown out over and over till the day you die.
  • Learn the single most potent word in any pickup – use it over and over to supercharge your results.
  • Jeffy breaks down the “traditional” phases of opening, with brand new, razor sharp, unbustable content – from direct to indirect, from opinion openers to time constraints, DEMONSTRATED LIVE so you know exactly what to say to get any woman hooked.
  • The one opinion opener that Jeffy still uses – and the hilarious story of one girl’s outrageous response!
  • You’ll gain access to Jeffy’s secret stash of custom openers, including whole new never-before-seen styles… From the “Overly Elaborate Question” to the “Dummy” opener.
  • You’ll feel your mind buckle and warp when you hear what happened when Jeffy’s student dared him to open a conversation by licking a girl’s face.  You can guess what Jeffy did – but you might be amazed to hear how the girl responded!
  • You’ll discover the secrets to controlling your social interactions so you will have people SIMULTANEOUSLY laughing while cranking their respect for you as a real man.
  • You’ll hear some hardcore ADVANCED concepts – once you wrap your head around these weird “Jedi-level” insights you’ll learn how to recognize and play the rhythm of a group – literally HIJACKING the interaction itself.
  • See how avoiding just ONE topic with women will substantially INCREASE your success by more than HALF (…it’s Jeffy’s favorite preventive tactic – he wishes he had learned it earlier!)



With the advanced-fundamentals dialed, you’re ready to step up a notch.  Here you’re going to get your hands on the step-by-step secrets of unleashing your core masculinity in a way that will annihilate resistance in even the coldest ‘Ice Queen’ you can find in ANY venue.

Bear in mind that this is NOT a set of abstract concepts.  Jeffy will expose his legendary routine stack.  He will give new, unbustable openers.  He will talk you through what to say and absolutely every tactic, trick and gambit he’s collected in 5+ years.

But these ‘tricks’ and ‘tactics’ are not there to allow you to ‘play it safe’ and waste hours reciting canned material that in the end you yourself will be sick of.

These are tactics and tricks, routines and openers that will force you to unlock your inner animal, and release his raging power.

Every aspect of game is revolutionized, from the approach to the phone call – stripped of any whisper of artificiality and injected with gargantuan amounts of masculine power.

Don’t miss it.

  • You’ll get free, unfettered access to Jeffy’s legendary routine stack.  This list of unknown stories will blow any interaction wide open, allowing you to consistently rivet the attention of those inaccessible, model-hot girls.
  • You’ll hear exact details of the PUSH/PULL – a famous technique for cranking attraction from 0-100 in under 10 seconds.  This outrageous technique will shock and attract her hard and fast.
  • You’ll discover the secrets of the FUTURE ADVENTURE PROJECTION – a fantastic way to weave a cool, seductive image of the both of you in a woman’s mind – she’ll be gorged with positive emotions.
  • How to use creative MISINTERPRETATION and ELASTIC SNAPBACKS to add punch to your patter.
  • You’ll also discover the secret of the MINI-TAKEAWAY.  This killer technique is so simple you’ll kick yourself:
  • You’ll discover how to use your cellphone to create instant scarcity in the mind of the girl you’re talking to – without giving other guys even the smallest opening to cruise in while your back is turned.
  • You’ll find out why actually BREAKING the rapport you have will INCREASE how much women (and men) seek your approval – and you’ll learn how to sidestep this killer pitfall when you’re on the receiving end.
  • You’ll also discover the key to CRYSTALLIZING yourself in her mind – you no longer need to worry about a girl forgetting about you after she gives you her number.
  • The LAY OF RAGE – you’re going to hear a jawdropping story of what total persistence can get you – how to use just three phrases, over and over, to get any woman into bed – even if the situation seems completely hopeless!
  • You’ll see Jeffy’s perfect delivery of a classic technique for taking a girl’s attempts to play you and flipping them back on her.
  • You’ll discover the crucial value of BREVITY – why and how you should make your words shorter, punchier, and more arresting to the opposite sex.
  • You’ll see an underground video that exposes a revolutionary new resource. This secret will rapidly boost four mission-critical areas of your gameVocal Projection, Rhythm, Congruence and Expressive Power.
  • Once you exploit this untapped goldmine, every aspect of your interactions with women will be light, free and crammed with power.
  • Jeffy will lay out the whole “routines” issue, confronting it head on and creating a dynamic fusion of natural and canned game.  Once you hear this you’ll be freed from a whole host of invisible internal issues that directly result in failure after failure!
  • How to use routines to ENHANCE NATURAL GAME, and natural game to enhance routines… This unknown synergistic effect cuts through the ideological BS, allowing you the freedom to express yourself completely.
  • You’ll learn about the dreaded FRIEND ZONE – along with detailed descriptions of how to avoid this success killer.  Learn the secret of how Jeffy is NEVER put there – once you get this you’ll never find yourself there again.
  • The two core keys of subcommunication – all you need to know to communicate strength and desire before you even open your mouth.
  • Hear the story of how a challenge from Tyler allowed Jeffy to fix ALL his subcommunication problems within two short months – and how you can do it even faster.
  • The astonishing truth that some evangelists of “This method” or “That method” don’t know – how you can combine styles like BRUCE LEE to devastating effect, and get your dating life handled in record time.
  • Learn the 5 secret variables of any interaction.  These are the things you can’t plan for… unless you know what’s coming.
  • How to open interactions with a blitz mentality, PUNCHING THROUGH RESISTANCE with 100% consistency.
  • You’ll learn about when it pays to be the nice guy!  When being completely sweet can sometimes be exactly what you need to do to get that same-night success.
  • How to hone your self-presentation to the individual girl – demonstrating that you’re the guy of her dreams without the need to lie, exaggerate or manipulate.
  • The secret of shifting gears – how to tone DOWN your personality at EXACTLY the right moment to create and intensify a genuine connection.
  • Read the signs – the incredible truth is that if a girl likes you she’ll tell you she likes you… as long as you can understand the CODE.  Jeffy breaks that code down to an idiot-proof formula.  You’ll never miss a trick.
  • You’ll find out how to take your own life story and – no matter how dull or weird it is – REFORGE it into kick-ass chick-bait.
  • Discover the secret to seamless venue changing… how to easily seed the idea in a girl’s mind, then exactly what to say (including Jeffy’s foolproof 3 letter magic word) to get her following you home like a CRAZED STALKER!
  • Dealing with INTERLOPERS – you’ll learn from one of the best in the world how to eliminate your competition in the field, making you look like the superstar in front of every girl present.
  • The first rule of dealing with interlopers – how you can ignore them so that, in the majority of cases, they slink away into the background.
  • You’ll learn how to instantly neutralize any guy attempting to humiliate you – a sure-fire (and easy-to-execute) way to win back any girl.
  • The TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE CHODE.  This “hardcore extreme” tactic comes with a health warning.  It will destroy a guy so completely that he’ll be left standing there helpless while every girl in earshot busts a gut laughing at him.  Use carefully…
  • You’ll also get some great insights from Ozzie, Jeffy’s best friend and fellow RSD instructor.  These ludicriously over-the-top tactics (banging the chodes, the chode parachute, the chode throw) will mark you out as the prime alpha in any situation.



Once you get to the end of disk 3, your mind will be reeling.  When you reach the end of disc 4, your brain will be dripping out of your ears, as you (a drooling wreck) stare vacantly into the screen.

I’m not even joking.  This is a VERY advanced disc.  This is where Jeffy will give you the sick, mind-bending maps to effortlessly achieving things you will simply not believe until you experience this.

To give you an example, Jeffy is the undisputed master of the seduction community at ‘Threesome Game’.  He’s never really mapped out exactly how to effortlessly engineer DOZENS of threesomes before.

No-one has.

Until now.

Jeffy demystifies this area COMPLETELY, and that’s just ONE EXAMPLE of the next-level contents of this disc.

You’ll be coming back to this one over and over and over.

  • You’ll learn the one unmistakable giveaway sign that a girl is in the club just to find a guy to sleep with… and once you learn this simple insight, you can be that guy!
  • Advanced group strategy – empower your interactions with three tactics that Jeffy has evolved over years of painstaking research.
  • You’ll choke when you grasp how to enlist a beautiful woman’s ugly friends to destroy your competition.  It’s so effective you’ll wonder how you ever got blown out before.
  • You’ll see exactly how to merge groups of women together instantly and without complex routines – so you’ll DOMINATE the room in minutes, even if you arrived in the club ALONE.
  • And you may well (and probably should) be shocked when you absorb Jeffy’s brutal attraction amplifier – a little something he calls SACRIFICING THE VIRGIN.
  • You’ll also discover how to HAMMER yourself into a woman’s mind, slashing the number of girls who flake when you call.
  • Jeffy will deliver a reframe that will recalibrate your entire attitude toward girls who flake on you.  You’ll never feel the shame of being blown out again.
  • And if she doesn’t pick up?  You don’t need to worry about leaving a lame voicemail anymore.  In fact, once you hear the almighty power of Jeffy’s WEEPING AIR SUPPLY CALLBACK TECHNIQUE you’ll yearn for a girl’s voicemail JUST so you can deploy it (hint – this is a true-blue master tip.  After the seminar, many guys insisted that this one tactic was worth the entire price of the weekend.)
  • What you’ll then get is a breakdown of phone game you can use to transmute those worthless numbers into real live women, hungry for your time.
  • You’ll be amazed to learn why it’s often a better idea NOT to ask a girl out the first time you get her on the phone – and how learning when to apply (and when to break) this counter-intuitive rule can triple your “callback success ratio“.
  • You’ll learn two quirky, cool routines that you can bust out to invigorate any phone call, guaranteeing you’ll engross her, and get that date.
  • Discover exactly how to hook a girl into meeting you – Jeffy demonstrates a way to secure that date by fusing charm and relentless drive… She’ll even thank you for convincing her!
  • You’ll be dumbfounded at Jeffy’s ability to shatter social norms and get away with it – in TEXT MESSAGE GAME.  This fully transcribed, x-rated conversation will blow your mind, and forever change the way you look at text game.  Repeat it verbatim… if you dare!
  • Discover the one room in your house that you absolutely, positively must keep clean… if you get this wrong all your hard work can come crashing down as you watch her bolt for the door.
  • Unearth a full breakdown of “house game” – everything you need to know to make your home into a bachelor pad, without any wasted effort or time!
  • LMR FREAKOUT!  You’ll be appalled when you hear about Jeffy’s last sticking point – Last Minute Resistance – and the over-the-top punishment he used to inflict on girls who’d refuse him!
  • You’ll also profit from Jeffy’s now-profound understanding of the phenomenon of LMR, with simple tactics and powerful internal reframes that will mean you need never sleep alone again.
  • Best of all – you’ll never need to manipulate a woman into anything again – she’ll be driven so crazy by your natural personality you’re the one who’ll need to resist… if you want to.
  • Discover how a French pickup master uses a MAGNETIC CHESS SET to transcend all resistance to his charms – you can do this too, as long as you can keep a straight face!
  • You’ll hear the ultimate Jeffy tale – the LEGEND OF CHESSCLUB.
  • Once you’ve heard this epic tale, your preconceptions of social norms will be demolished.
  • Hear what happens when a girl tries to tell Jeffy that his “player techniques” won’t work on her or her friends… and provoked Jeffy to perpetrate a debauched, mind-blowing  vengeance.
  • You’ll learn what happens when Jeffy comes up against a bona fide natural seducer of real talent and panache.  You’ll profit from Jeffy’s desire to strip-mine his greatest exploits so you can soak up insight from real life examples.
  • You’ll hear about this epic tussle between two “Jedi Masters” over the hottest girl in the club – an insane rollercoaster of emotion, starring Tyler as Obi Wan and Jeffy as Luke.  Soon you’ll be motivating yourself with the question: WWTD?
  • The mentality you’ll cultivate from this one anecdote is the mentality you need to create miracles.
  • And that’s just for starters, because the sickest, most sought after part of the Jeffy Show is something I haven’t even MENTIONED yet…  You’re going to learn how to get threesomes.
  • Jeffy is recognized as the undisputed threesome pickup champion.  He’s had dozens and dozens of threesomes and here he’s finally opened up, spilling his guts on this white-hot topic.  You’d better prepare yourself.
  • He’s the one guy who you can count on to walk you through everything you need to know to orchestrate threesome after threesome.
  • From differences in opening, to the REAL truth behind the myth that “all girls are bi” –  and how to leverage that truth into real-life debauchery.
  • How to recruit – and KEEP – a wing-girl who’ll be your golden ticket into the world of tandem pickup.  You’ll find it easier to score threesomes than to pull single women!
  • Dual routines to use IN THE CLUB to get girls swapping clothes and bonding – while making you look good enough to eat.
  • Dual inner game – this unmentioned issue will blow your mind, and give you the short-cut secrets to getting more threesomes in a week than most ‘cool’ guys have in a lifetime!
  • The secrets to DUAL ATTRACTION – a secret pitfall that you NEED to know to avoid being left in the corner while your girls get it on without you!
  • Exploit the benefits of FEMALE MIND TRANSLATION – where you can train your new wing-girl to feed you insider information on when to extract back to yours, when you need to go for a kiss and when you need to hold back!
  • Girl AMOGS – how you can teach your new, eager wing-girl to take other guys out of the equation with outrageous lines that you could never get away with!
  • Finally, you’ll see the DUAL INDUCTION MASSAGE performed by a past master – and you’ll be blown away when you suddenly realise that you don’t need it to consistently score threesomes!



The final disc is my personal favorite.  This is Jeffy’s MASTER OVERVIEW of the entire game.

Don’t think for one second though that this is just some toothless epilogue.  Jeffy draws on the power of his formidable mind, the weight of his expertise and the sum of his hard-earned wisdom and delivers a relentless barrage which will forever alter the way you look at life.

This is the part of the program which will give you all the motivation you need to put every other part of it into practise.

It’s also the part of the program where you’ll “learn how to learn” pickup… the EASY way.

And guess what – the easiest way to resolve any problems you have with women is NOT to fill your head with tactics.  It’s to fill yourself with core confidence, and that is what this disc will give you.

This disc alone will rip a massive chunk off your learning curve.  I was blown away.

  • In the final part of this program, you’ll hear Jeffy’s collected wisdom – the unique insights of a guy who really has been there, done that.
  • In what is arguably the most useful part of the program, he reflects on his whole learning curve, distilling his wisdom into a simple, highly effective vision of change.
  • Jeffy spells out the short-cuts that he can identify with hindsight.  These insights are worth kingdoms, as they’ll allow you to focus on only those core areas guaranteed to accelerate you toward true pimphood.
  • You’ll learn how time spent on the forums may well be HURTING your ability to get women.  After this you’ll only focus on what matters – and you’ll reap the rewards.
  • You’ll learn about the SOULLESS nature of method, and how true perfection – and true results – comes from perfecting your internal feeling, and not your technique. 
  • After you hear this, you’ll never worry again about your delivery.  Your focus will be where it matters – and where you get results.
  • Here’s a truth about pickup that most gurus try to hide from you: that PICKUP IS SIMPLE.  Jeffy clarifies game to a previously unheard of level.  You’ll be stunned by the clarity you’ll get, clarity that will translate directly into your rapid advancement.
  • You’ll hear the ENTIRETY OF GAME boiled down into TWO GOLDEN RULES.  That’s right – two.  As long as you keep those two rules in mind, you’ll have a crystal clear frame of reference, and you’ll never freeze up in the club because you’re thinking too much.
  • The simplest way to conquer calibration.  Now you’ll actually enjoy yourself while you’re learning and making mistakes – and that enjoyment will supercharge the speed of your progress.
  • The one thing that will give you a weird “spidey-sense” of what NOT to say.
  • The importance of internal value: how brutal honesty and vigilance are your two best friends… Jeffy learned this lesson the hard way so you don’t have to.
  • You’ll get Jeffy’s breakdown of top ‘ancillary’ skills – fun things that you can do that will add depth to your character, and give you a life women will want to be part of. 
  • Learn about hidden, cheap workshops you can take in any city that will supercharge your conversational skills to a near-professional level.
  • You’ll learn about overcoming adversity from Jeffy – and you’ll learn why he’s uniquely qualified to NAIL YOUR DEMONS TO THE FLOOR.
  • Confronting your “shadow self” – Jeffy talks about his escape from a horrifying past.  Once you hear this, you’ll know for CERTAIN that you can fully escape whatever it is that haunts you.
  • You’ll finally understand why Jeffy was motivated by hatred and rage.  You will be genuinely sickened by what you hear – and genuinely inspired at how a man torn apart with fury can achieve professional success, inner peace and massive results with women.
  • Listen – there’s two ways to get an amazing woman.  You can be an amazing manipulator, or you can be an amazing man.  Jeffy became an amazing manipulator, and he paid a price.  You can exploit his dark past, using his mistakes to catapult yourself toward genuine happiness. 
  • In learning from his mistakes, you’ll slash years off the development of your game.  You’ll galvanize your sense of self – not by adding layers of fake “game” to your life, but by removing all the things that stifle you.
  • Ultimately, Jeffy’s going to push one choice into your face, over and over, until you snap, and make that decision.  After that, your life will never be the same.



After spending the best part of a year preparing for, shooting and honing The Jeffy Show, Jeffy still wanted to cram more value. He wanted to talk about something very important to him: the “Nu-RSD”.

In order to address real-life concerns, Jeffy organized a teleseminar, collecting questions from members of RSD’s forum.  In this seminar (over 1 hour of footage) Jeffy delivers scorching, penetrating responses to those questions.

It’s crammed with never-before-heard concepts and material that will give you a massive edge in any interaction, and will accelerate your ability to connect with women in ways which will shock you.

This is raw, vintage Jeffy, unedited and uncut… and completely free as a bonus for everyone getting the program.

Only someone with as much expertise as Jeffy could afford to be so generous with so much content.

In The Jeffy Show free bonus disc you’ll find an underground seminar packed with white hot content from the seduction community’s bleeding edge.

Check it out…

  • A way to reconcile a total, uninhibited flow of words with not making mistakes that can derail your pickup.  You’ll never need to think about what you need to say again with this simple recipe for instant conversational dynamite!
  • fascinating revelation about the power of word choice – once you tap into this hidden secret you can use your innate intelligence to supercharge your love life, instead of crippling it.
  • You’ll discover the power of mixing the urbane with the profane – how obscenities can explode the attractive force of all that useless knowledge you’ve got, making sure you never go home alone again.
  • The exact state of mind needed to produce next-level attraction without any pre-prepared material whatsoever… once you click to this you can rely on yourself to hook conversations anytime, anyplace with any woman you choose.
  • How to use lazy stupidity to INCREASE your results!  This “should be illegal” concept allows you to gibber the most inane garbage, and still rivet a stunning woman’s attention… it’s crazy, and it shouldn’t work, but it does.
  • You’ll learn the only kind of stupidity you need to avoid like the plague… after hearing this you’ll feel a lot more relaxed while talking to really hot girls, and your results will skyrocket.
  • You’ll hear Jeffy explain the concept of the Nimbus.  This ‘spooky’ factor is something you can convert directly to rocket fuel for your personal magnetism – women will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.
  • You’ll learn the four rules of dominant masculinity.  Once you hear these rules you’ll be able to ditch everything you know and your words will be imbued with irresistible masculine polarity.
  • You’ll hear about developing your intuition – a rare, insider’s glimpse into the scary levels of advanced calibration.  Once you begin to develop this secret power, your ‘spidey sense’ will recalibrate you mid-sentence to avoid any and all social mistakes!
  • You’ll hear a hilarious ethos for the dreaded day two meet up, that will allow you to sidestep the whole issue and skip to massive results rapidly, with less effort than before!

  • You’ll be force-fed the simple rules for creating a fascinating life that women will fight to be a part of.  Once you implement these cool, fun ideas, your conversations will flow like a clear mountain stream.
  • You’ll discover how to dovetail all aspects of your life into a coherent whole… and find out how Jeffy used this secret to go from a “corporate slug with man boobs” to one of the most feared and respected seducers alive.  (hint – you can do this too!)
  • You’ll learn the simple, easy, basic principles that will allow you to effortlessly open any group of women, no matter how hot, without a single memorised line… and have them battling each other for your attention.
  • You’ll discover the truth of the transition – hear the jarring story of how Jeffy switched from totally canned game to totally natural – and you’ll discover how to make this transition rapid and painless for you, if you need or want to do it.
  • You’ll learn the shocking truth about purely tactical game – the unvarnished reality of why it is crucial to develop a powerful natural game that will fulfil you rather than erode your soul.
  • How to react if a woman wants to distance herself from you – and the one rock-solid rule that will let you know instantly if she wants you to get the hell away, or if she’s desperate for you to follow!
  • The powerful truth about keeping your word – how you can leverage your inner humanity and decency to create a diamond-hard, unshakable confidence that women will stand in awe of.
  • How to fuse the deep, profound aspects of personal change with massive, decisive action – after hearing this you’ll be able to use Zen principles to chill yourself out while simultaneously increasing your motivation to act.
  • You’ll be taught a surprising common denominator that Jeffy has spotted that unites all elite seducers.
  • How to develop deep, identity level change that will catapult your connections with women to new heights of intensity – while remaining true to who you are and what you stand for.
  • The secret to ‘reforging’ yourself – how pushing your comfort zone can accelerate your learning curve in ways you never thought possible, resulting in success built on reality, not on illusion.
  • The cold hard truth that you won’t hear from anywhere else – why (and how) you need to look at the darker, more destructive elements of yourself… if you don’t do this you will sabotage your success and hold yourself back for YEARS.
  • Jeffy will spill the secret truths of self-sabotage, truths that many people don’t want you to know.  These will rapidly move you out of the ‘student’ phase, and make your insecurities with women a vague and hazy memory.
  • You’ll start to hear the usually covered-up truths of the ways your mind will hold you back AFTER you start getting consistent results… and you’ll need to know this, because consistent results with beautiful women will soon become a normal part of your everyday life.
  • The one question you need to ask yourself that will instantly defuse any excuses or procrastination fogging your mind.  Ask this question to yourself every day for a year, and you will detonate with success in every aspect of your life-situation.
  • The ‘closer mentality,’ and its importance.  Once you hear it, as long as you keep you mind wide open, you’ll undergo a seismic epiphany which will forever enhance your connections with women.
  • The mentality you need for same-night pickups.  Once you cement this frame, you’ll find it childishly simple to grab those one-in-a-million babes and have them begging to get into your bedroom.
  • Two words that will double your success OVERNIGHT at getting those inaccessible scorching-hot women to chase you like rabid, creepy sexual predators.
  • One single principle which will transform your life, making it more interesting and full of value.
  • You’ll hear Jeffy’s fascinating take on the community itself… hear his predictions for its future transformations – and his own!
  • Hear the scary, ‘spooky’ new levels which RSD will push the community to…
  • You’ll hear a crystal clear breakdown of the basics that every new guy should focus on.  With this simple 6 point checklist you’ll never again feel adrift in theory.  As you concentrate on working these easy-to-develop areas, your love-life will improve at a dramatic speed that will leave you breathless.
  • This is a breakdown of Jeffy’s secret training code – he arms his worst students with these 6 killer bullets, and watches, live as they consistently obliterate any and all problems in making electric connections with the opposite sex.  Now he’s revealing this simple, 6 point program for the first time. Don’t miss it.
  • You’ll learn how to supercharge your state while in the club – you’ll transcend the ‘Full Chodes,’ the ‘Mr Bearables,’ the ‘Entertainers’ – and be the sex-worthy man that the elusive 10s will flock to.
  • The secret to rewiring your brain, and turning yourself into a full, effortless natural. 
  • The secret to combining natural game with a working knowledge of social dynamics… and how getting laid becomes as easy and straightforward as getting a glass of water from a tap.
  • How to shatter ‘The clinical indifference threshold.’  This night-killer is staling your evening out before you’ve had a chance to shine… but not anymore.  Learn the keys to exorcising this negative factor.
  • Simple, foolproof tactics that will allow you forever avoid the dreaded ‘friend zone;’ you’ll never again feel sidelined and humiliated by a woman you want.
  • The crazy truth about physical escalation – once you realise what’s going on here… and you will… there is no limit to how rapidly you’ll be able to accelerate an encounter from polite and civil to hot and sweaty.
  • Hear the distilled wisdom of The Jeffy Show, of Jeffy’s 5 years in the front-line-trenches of the seduction world.  With this astoundingly potent insight you’ll be able to leverage yourself to untold heights of excellence with women, money, and life itself.

YOU Are The “Magic Bullet”

Look, what I’m trying to get through to you is that this program represents the bleeding edge of seduction theory.  It represents the absolute distillation of years of experience in transforming the lives of guys exactly like you.

Exactly like you.

But I’m not going to lie to you.  This is not a magic bullet.  This is not some instant-fix that will instantly remedy all the ills in your life.

I’m sorry, I wish it was.  I know a lot of guys out there are promising this, but I’m just not prepared to compromise myself, or lead you on in that way.  I honestly don’t believe that such a thing exists.  Or rather, I do – but not in the same way as anyone else does. 

I don’t think you can buy the magic bullet. 

I think you are the magic bullet.

Yes, you are the magic bullet that’s going to save your life.

You have to be.

This program can motivate you to succeed beyond anything else out there – but it’s not going to leave your house for you, and approach women.

This program can show you everything you need to do, step by step, to take an interaction from before the first sentence to the bedroom – but it’s not going to speak for you.

This program can supercharge your raw masculine presence to a degree that you have never experienced before even in your most exceptional of moments – but it will not grab that woman for you. 

You have to do that.

Or more specifically – you have to be prepared to try.  That’s all.

As long as you are prepared to put your ego to one side, to learn, to pay attention and to implement what you hear, you’ve already saved yourself.

You’re just moving toward a conclusion.

If your ego is more important to you than your future, I’ll be blunt.  You’re on the wrong website. 

If you can make that commitment – not to me, but to yourself – I have no qualms in personally guaranteeing that you will be utterly transformed by this program.  None whatsoever.

Jeffy Has Yet To Encounter A Person Whose Life He Cannot Revolutionize

There’s something I want you to understand, before you decide whether or not you want to get your hands on this.  Really hold your horses and listen, because this is extremely important.

This is a rock-solid, life-changing program.  HOWEVER…

You’ve got to do the work or nothing will happen for you. 

Jeffy is great at spurring you to action with make-or-break epiphanies – but you have to commit to opening your mind, not just sitting there like a couch potato waiting for the cavalry to come.

Remember – you are the cavalry.

What this program will do is cement that in your mind.  It will cement self-reliance, give you all the basic tools you need, and ignite the power of your inner beast.

As long as you commit to opening your mind, to going out, to making this happen in your life – you can rely on achieving astounding results extremely quickly.  And how can you be sure of this?


Jeffy has been doing this for a long time.  With the potential exception of myself (we’ve checked the numbers and it really is too close to call) he has more teaching experience than any man alive

Athletes and actors, musicians and millionaire businessmen have all come knocking on Jeffy’s door.  Kick-ass players have come looking to hone their skills to sick, ninja levels.

More shocking still, men suffering for autism, ADD and savage clinical depression have sought him out when no-one else could help them, because of his peerless understanding of how to elevate them (and you) out of negativity.

Jeffy has yet to encounter a person whose life he cannot revolutionize.

He’s been headhunted by every top name in the industry, and he’s turned them all down. 


Because of his previously Hidden understanding of how to unleash the beast inside. 

Of course, now the calls might FINALLY slow down – because his most valued master secrets are about to be revealed.

Unleash Your Innate Animal Magnetism

Now, you might find your way to Jeffy’s “elite level” on your own.  You might find it by learning tactics, and trying to cram some kind of soul into the method to make those tactics work.

You might find your way through the maze, the bewildering universe of online dating advice. 

You genuinely might, but I’m not going to lie to you though – the odds are against it.

The truth is, you need a mentor.  And the mentor you need is the one who is

  • Absolutely proven as a world-class success with women beyond the smallest shadow of a doubt
  • Absolutely proven as a world-class teacher of this stuff beyond a shadow of a doubt
  • A guy who’s not going to make you into some cookie-cutter replica of himself, but is instead willing – and ABLE – to unleash your innate animal magnetism.

And that’s the way it is.  Never forget it.

If the guy who’s teaching you doesn’t fit the bill, HE will be totally fine – but YOU will be in deep trouble.

Sometimes people come back to us and ask “If this program is SO STUNNINGLY INEXPENSIVE compared to other programs put out by high-profile dating gurus, what’s the deal??”

I mean, “The Jeffy Show” was about 6 months in continual development and rehearsals, $50,000 in production costs, and Jeffy’s absolute best stuff from five years of hardcore field-experience laid out for you in vivid meticulous detail.

Obviously everything that comes out of RSD is always obnoxiously polished, loaded with cutting edge info, and an experience that’s going to make a MASSIVE impact on your life.

Could we get $999 for it?? Of course. Just throw in a few more bonuses, add on superfluous packaging, throw in a bunch of scarcity-hyping, etc etc…

Most smart “marketers” would read this and call me stupid for not doing so, overly idealistic, shooting myself in the foot!!

We’ve decided to put it out for you here at the almost suspiciously inexpensive price because 1) we assume an “intelligent audience” who can recognize the blatant value life-shifting that Jeffy is bringing here, and 2) so that people can easily afford it and continue with their ongoing RSD education towards building the type of skillset and lifestyle they really want.

That being the case, we had a long discussion and decided to put it out at $499 for you (HALF THE ANCITIPATED PRICE!!) so that you get the best deal going in town right now.

I mean ask yourself, is it worth the risk of $499 to get a doorway into a sordid carnival of fantasy where you’re DOMINATING all of your most vivid, courageous “dating desires”??

Honestly ask yourself if it’s worth taking that risk.  What do you think?  Just $499 for a doorway to take your game to a legitimate “next level”??

What do you honestly think?

Do You Want To Live In Weakness And Fear?

This is your only life.  Do you want to live in weakness and fear? 

At the end of the day, that’s the choice you face – and neither I nor Jeffy will judge or condemn you if you cannot summon the courage to decide once and for all to live the life of your dreams.

I almost bailed on my dreams a number of times.  I’m not saying I recommend it, but I won’t judge you.  I understand.

All I’d say is that you’ve been through so much that you owe it to yourself to seriously consider your life as it is.  Honestly, truly step back from your doubts for long enough to see this decision with crystal clarity. 

On the one hand, you’re risking a doable sum of cash.  $499 dollars is $499 dollars, but it’s not going to cripple you.  This course has been independently valued at over $999 – but we want to deliver it to you at a realistic price you can genuinely afford.  That’s why we’ve priced it as cheaply as we have. 

But the fact remains – you’re still investing $499 in cash.

So what do you stand to gain?

You’re gaining a doorway into a life that is amazing in a way you’ve never read about.  That’s what your investment gets you.  Just think about yourself, your life.  Think about the last woman you spoke to that you genuinely wanted to connect with.

Then ask yourself one question – is it worth the risk?  Is it actually, honestly worth investing $499 dollars for a genuine doorway into a permanent world of sexual plenty?

It’s not a choice I can make for you, but it is a choice I made for myself, years ago.  Looking back, the thought that I might have chosen otherwise is a scary thing for me to contemplate. 

Imagining what my life would have been like if I hadn’t seized control of it brings me out in a cold sweat, and I do not mind admitting that.

So bearing in mind that this is your only life, ask yourself this…

Is it worth risking a $499 investment to buy…… 

Honestly, is it?

In The Last Few Days, Papa, Jeffy And Myself Decided To See What We Could Do About The Price:

Three days before the big launch we all sat around a table, Jeffy, Papa (RSD’s CEO), and myself in my role as Executive Producer.

We had a choice to make.

“Honestly,” Jeffy asked me “Is there a way to get this out to our audience for an even better price??

“I don’t know,” I answered “Because at $499 it’s a STEAL and it might be interpreted as FUNNY LOOKING if we offer it for any better…”

Jeffy thought about it and I could see the wheels turning in his head.

“Alright,” he said “I remember what it was like to be starting out at this whole success with women thing…  I also remember what it was like to be at a DECENT level where I wanted to take my game to the ELITE…  A lot of the time people ask me why I offer so much for so little, and it’s because back when I started out you couldn’t get your hands on ANYTHING like this…”

At that point I could see his passion on this issue and decided to have him to price it however he chose.  The Jeffy Show is JEFFY’s masterpiece, after all.

“What’s it going to be??”  I asked.

“We’re going to do this at such a hot price that everybody will have the opportunity to jump on it on the launch.  I want to do this at $269 for the whole program.  We’ll do it for a very limited time period (couple weeks at tops) and then we can come back and offer it at a more sensible higher price in the weeks and months to follow…”

“OK,” I said…  I mean the man is obviously nuts (this is a lower price than the ALREADY super low prices of regular RSD programs), but there’s a method to his madness.

Jeffy wants YOU to have absolutely NO EXCUSE to make this investment in yourself and get your game JUICED UP with the extreme-advanced-wisdom that he’s going to deliver.

Personally think that this is a very cool gift from Jeffy to offer it at this stunningly inexpensive price, given the big releases of programs like this in the SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLAR range lately.

I definitely would have done anything to get my hands on this kind of advice and proven formula… because it would have short-cut to the “elite” by a good 3-5 years.

Instead, I had to push through years of trial and error, and eventually “luck out” with a big hook-up in my buddy Jeffy to find the information that’s been such a massive BOOST to get me to where I’m at right now.

So really, don’t screw around here…

Jump on this opportunity while it’s hot in your mind and take advantage of all the ridiculously “intense-game-enhancements” that it has to immediately offer you.

Regardless of the absurd amounts of value that this program has crammed into it… you really can get started as soon as you get it.

And as you’re on your journey, you can apply all the more advanced secrets that you discover.

This is truly an absolute “go-to” resource to getting yourself to that “elite level” that you know you’re capable of.

If you aren’t ready for it, that’s fine.  What you’re taking a pass on here Jeffy’s MASTER FORMULA that he’s produced to create blatantly obvious instant gains in your results.

You might be someone who has taken to learning this material passively.  Maybe you have a big “identity” about how you’re a guy who doesn’t get kick-ass programs like this.

Well now is your chance to come at it *actively*.   It’s a chance to get your hands on the proven secrets that took Jeffy YEARS of agony to figure out.

This a program that will STUN you and SHAKE UP YOUR ENTIRE GAME.

It’s chalk-full of value and covers a VAST range of cutting-edge ideas, but regardless of all the information being pounded into your head it’s still FUN because it’s about YOU and getting YOUR LIFE together

Seeing and understanding how this kind of success REALLY gets done is totally inspiring.  This isn’t work — it’s more like reviewing the itinerary of the BEST trip you’ve ever planned for.

If you’re looking to hit that elite level in the game, every second you spend working with this package will REAWAKEN you to that awesome sensation of being in the zone.

So prepare to have your mind blown…  And your entire way you approach the game changed forever.

The Jeffy Show WILL deliver you to the “promised land”.

Get The Jeffy Show – Anonymous , Only Price $64

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