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This USED to be true, even just 10 years ago. But something unprecedented happened, which completely leveled the playing field. It’s called Napster (do you remember this?). It was the world’s first file-sharing app. Whether for good or bad, it changed the music industry forever. With the addition of Youtube, Facebook, and many other social platforms, the ability for fans to reach their audience completely removed the need for middle-men



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5 Myths Broke Musicians Believe… and What You Can Do About It

Myth #1

You need a label to succeed

This USED to be true, even just 10 years ago. But something unprecedented happened, which completely leveled the playing field. It’s called Napster (do you remember this?). It was the world’s first file-sharing app. Whether for good or bad, it changed the music industry forever. With the addition of Youtube, Facebook, and many other social platforms, the ability for fans to reach their audience completely removed the need for middle-men. Today, this is the first time in the history of the music business, talented & hard-working musicians can succeed TO A GREATER DEGREE without a label than with one!

If you’re still trying to get a record deal, let me quickly break down the pros and cons for you:


  • They have capital $ to invest

    This is quickly becoming NOT the case! Many labels want you to crowdfund your own projects to validate the “demand” and also so they don't’ have to front it!)

  • They have contacts

    True, many labels have been around for a long time and they know the right people to get you into the right festivals, or get you special promos. There are ways around this so that you don’t need a label, though.

  • Maximum Exposure

    This assumes the label is actually doing a good job of marketing! The truth is that most labels today are COMPLETELY BEHIND when it comes to digital marketing practices. We’ve observed a complete lack of basic marketing knowledge in some of the most popular labels around. Here are SMA, we say they are still in the dinosaur age, based on what we see from them.

After considering these things, do you really think you still need a label?


  • Any $ invested in you is actually a loan that you have to pay back!

    And usually that involves some serious terms…. and that’s where you end up trading your time for dollars, by having to tour and tour and tour just to make back that load. You don’t make much money at all until that loan is paid back… if that even happens!

  • You could lose your artistic freedom

    You can spend all this time on your music, and the label can hear what you’re working on and decide it doesn’t like the direction you’re going in.

  • They don’t always deliver on their promises

    They might not actually do everything they say they’ll do for your music career. I’ve met many artists who were so disappointed with what they thought was a good deal, only to find out it doesn’t do diddly squat.

  • You won’t make that much money after all

    The labels take such a huge cut that you’re rarely going to be able to make a real living doing music with them. Unless you’re the next big superstar (and let’s be realistic: most of us are not superstars — we’re everyday artists doing our thing and we want to share it with the world) it’s not even worth signing away the little you’d be making!

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Myth #2

Independent musicians can’t make money

People believe this myth because we now live in a streaming and file-sharing era. With Youtube, radio, and digital formats, people think no one buys music anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth! The reality is consumers love to consume the music & products they love in multiple formats. 

Physical music and merchandise is still one of the leading revenue streams for musicians around the world. Streaming enhances this relationship and plays a big role in our sales today! The key is to have a strategic plan that incorporates ALL streams of income, including digital & physical formats.

I built a multiple six-figure music career without touring, labels, or licensing deals all because she embraced the fact that people STILL BUY MUSIC from artists they support, and die-hard fans want everything you have, including all merchandise you make available!

If you think you need millions of fans to accomplish your dreams, you’re wrong. For example, in my last crowdfunding campaign, I raised close to $90,000 in only 30 days with less than 1500 fans! You only need to be “niche-famous” to a small group of fans who are CRAZY about your music.

Myth #3

You need to tour in order to be successful

The third myth is that you have to tour or play live all the time… or as many gigs as you possibly can to get exposure.

Now this one I really get. I used to believe that I HAD to tour in order to be successful, to sell any music, to get exposure.. and it’s just what musicians did!

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with touring. HOWEVER… the more you understand the real costs of touring, you discover how LITTLE artists make and the payoff is really not what it used to be. Even popular bands have written about barely breaking even, and most lose money, even on a successful tour. Touring may have its purpose, but for 90% of bands, you will not make a full-time living with this method.  

If your reason for touring is to shake hands and get your name out there, I can tell you there are FAR more effective ways to do this… and on a GLOBAL SCALE that pales in comparison to playing for 20 people in a dive bar (who are all scrolling on their phones anyway). 

Launching your music career online is the way to do this and leverage your time and talent. Imagine gaining hundreds of new fans while you’re sleeping. That’s the power of The Online Musician at work.

Myth #4

I’m too old/fat/ugly/fill-in-the-blank to have a successful music career

Yeah, I used to think that too. After I had kids I certainly didn’t fit the supermodel package I used to see on MTV and I thought no one would take me seriously. The good news is more than ever, people want to connect with music that is meaningful to them, and they don’t care what you look like or how old you are. Just look at shows like America’s Got Talent or The Voice and you see incredible people of all ages, ethnicities and body types — the crowds love them all! I’m living proof that even after having 5 kids and well into my 30’s — you can still build a music career of your dreams. I’m living the dream and I don’t have to hold back because of a limiting belief I used to have.

Myth #5

All you need is good music

I agree 100% that good music is the absolute foundation and heart of why we’re here. No one is going to get anywhere with bad or mediocre music. Your music must be good. It must stand out. It must be excellent. Now, having said that, I’ve noticed there’s often a false mentality that goes along with this. It sounds like this:

“In order to become successful, you have to eat, sleep, and breathe your music 24/7. Play anywhere and everywhere 7 days a week. Do this for 5-10 years and then you MIGHT get noticed. And any other way is BS.”

That was an actual comment from Facebook! But you know what… what this guy described was the OLD way. That was how things were in the Old Music Industry. That’s the old-school way of thinking now and it will seriously limit you!

Now we have entered what I call the New Music Industry. This means new opportunity like never before! Never before have we ever had access to people at any moment in any country around the world in an instant. That is NEW.

Never before could you write a song, upload it to the internet, go to bed…. and someone across the globe in another world discovers you while you're sleeping… and buys your song, and becomes your fan. That is NEW.

This is an extremely exciting time we live in for musicians, old and young. There’s actually a market for EVERYTHING.

Every kind of music is wanted. Someone somewhere is searching for the most obscure niche music and wants to come across what you’ve just created.

And while the internet can feel like a huge ocean, and it is… If you do things RIGHT, you can seize an incredible opportunity to connect with the RIGHT fans who are already looking for your music.

Why You Need To Become an Online Musician

1. You can stop waiting to be discovered

No more fantasizing that someone hears your track or stumbles across you at a gig, waiting for you with a magical contract in hand. You’re in charge of your own success. Success won't’ happen TO you, you’ll make it happen.

2. You control your own schedule

You decide when you want to work on music, how long, how often, and when you want to release a new album. No pressure to do anything from anyone! No answering to managers or industry people who don’t care about your personal wellbeing, health, or finances. You control what you want to do.

3. You control your own music rights

So important, but so overlooked. Too many musicians are so desperate to get signed, they completely shoot themselves in the foot with a bad contract. The appeal of being on a label completely clouds their reasoning. When you’re an online musician, you never have to worry about anyone controlling or owning your music. It’s yours, end of story.

4. Only tour if and when you want to

Tired of gigging all the time? Or maybe you’re a full-time parent or student and touring constantly is not realistic. When you’re an online musician, you call the shots. Maybe you want to do what I’m doing and really focus on having a recording career and building a fanbase worldwide… and then decide to tour later on (and sell out all your shows!). Never feel obligated again.

5. You get 100% financial benefit

When no one is taking a huge cut from your hard-earned royalties that’s 100%  more for you to live on! The likelihood of you actually succeeding in your wish to have a full-time music career skyrockets! Every dollar counts when you’re a musician. When you keep what’s rightfully yours, that means there’s more for you to help out your family, get the dream gear you’ve been wanting, fund your own projects and invest back into your career – which will drive it forward even more!

More information won’t do you any good. Implementing will.

The Online Musician isn’t just information. It’s a methodical program designed to help you implement everything you learn in a sequential step-by-step method.

At the end of 8 weeks, not only will you have a complete understanding of exactly what it takes to succeed as an online musician today, you’ll see incredible progress in everything from your social media following, your music sales, and your success mindset (which is responsible for all your future success!)

The Online Musician is the only program of it’s kind that…

  • Gives you teaching that will actually move the needle for you

    If it hasn’t affected my bank account in a positive way, I don’t teach it. I don’t ever believe in filler or fluff. I only care about what really matters and will change your music career right now. We don’t have time to waste.

  • Comes with unprecedented support

    We pride ourselves in the Savvy Musician experience. Not only will you get the education, tools, and resources you need to succeed, we make sure you are surrounded in the community and friendships that will truly take you to the next level. In addition, we provide top-notch support from our Savvy Success Team. Our motto is that no one will outserve us. Expect to be supported all the way!

  • Teaches what you need to know in a methodical step-by-step system

    Lots of people have information, but few know how to “teach” in a way you can absorb and process the information and easily implement it. This happens to be my gifting (besides music). I’m can make complex and difficult concepts easy to understand and then I can help you figure out exactly the way you should implement it for YOU. 

What You Will Get In The Online Musician 3.0

Clarity & A Roadmap

We'll help you determine what your goals are, how long it will take you to get there, and how to map out your entire year so you know exactly what you're doing and how you'll do it!

A Plan To Reach Fans

We focus on building a real brand that will outlast you. This means we focus on real brand-building concepts that move the needle, including your music culture, image, website, and message.

Tech How-Tos

If you don't consider yourself a "techie" – never fear! We are known for our easy to understand tutorials to show you each step of how to set things up, easy-peasy!

Help Along the Way

If you're worried about getting stuck, you're in the right place. You're on this journey for yourself, but not by yourself – our support staff, coaches, and community are here to support you!

Get The Online Musician 3.0 – Leah McHenry, Only Price $167

What's Inside The Online Musician 3.0?


We spend a whole module helping you overcome the mental & emotional obstacles that have been blocking your success, possibly for decades. This will be the most important part of the entire training. 

We'll cover topics such as:

  • What is a success mindset and how do you get one?
  • Creating and understanding your hidden "Why"
  • What is an online musician and how to become one
  • Habits of unsuccessful people and things they do to fail (so you can avoid this!) 
  • Planning a wildly successful music year – exact steps!
  • Specific steps to get some results right NOW – even if you're starting from scratch!


This is where you’ll learn about who you are as an artist and how your music is different. I help you to extract the unique and special out of what you already are and make it much more marketable. The key to standing out online is your niche.

  • How your influences affect your micro-niche
  • Create attainable and realistic goals
  • How to design the type of music career you want
  • How to discover your microniche & advanced steps for going deeper 
  • How to get clear with your music brand & image (niche) 
  • How to figure out a deep “Why” that will drive you even when things get tough


Most people wonder why it's so hard to build a buzz, get good engagement, or make sales, and it's because they have no understanding of their musical identity or how to build a culture around their music so people actually feel a true BOND.

You will learn:

  • What true culture is and how to become a culture-builder
  • Figure out what your unique music culture is
  • 4 unique culture-building challenges that will reveal incredible things you didn't know about your audience!
  • How to build a Facebook group around your culture that gets insane engagement and bonds people to you & your music forever!


Most musicians aren't thinking about their brand, they're focused on how many vanity likes they have on Twitter and Instagram. Building a real brand is what creates massive revenue growth and long-term sustainability.

  • Understand what true branding is and how to formulate your own
  • Figure out your differentiation from everyone else in your genre & market place
  • Define your Image, Artwork, and Media to create continuity
  • Grow something that's much bigger than just the music
  • How great branding lasts a lifetime and exactly what to do!


Most musicians' websites are so horrible and repel the very fans you're trying to attract. Old, outdated sites, or platforms that do not measure up to today's mobile-dominated traffic send the message "I am not a professional" to everyone who lands there. We will fix that in this module! 

By the end of this training, you will…

  • Know exactly which website platforms to stay away from!
  • The simple wireframe formula that converts casual visitors into die-hard fans and customers
  • Know exactly what and how to create a world-class website that is NOT expensive or difficult
  • You do not need to know code, or be a WordPress expert, or be a techy person!
  • Create a beautifully branded experience for your fans and carve your place in the market!


We know how much you HATE having to spend so much time on social media and hate having to pretend to be a celebrity. We'll show you the MINIMUM you need to do in order to get MAXIMUM results. This is a lifesaver and is far more effective!

  • Why you don’t need to be on ALL social platforms to succeed
  • Which social platforms give you the most IMPACT in your music and how to use them
  • How to research and understand your Superfans so your music ranks everywhere
  • Why Facebook is where your fans are, and how to build a following there
  • How to properly utilize Youtube for finding Superfans, including in-depth tutorials
  • A whole mini-course on Instagram! Build genuine followers and sell your music on the biggest growing platform.


Demystify how to actually create multiple streams of income. Remember – never put all your eggs in one basket! This is where the rubber meets the road. My goal is to get you making money as soon as humanly possible. 

  • How to choose merch your fans want and how to price things like a profitable business
  • What to do about streaming sites, and why they are not your enemy!
  • Get ideas to create more products, and making more sales from existing products
  • How to make sure you’re getting ALL your royalties (digital and publishing)
  • How to make money from cover songs… legally!
  • How to use your existing talent & experience to bring in additional revenue
  • How to start a digital fan club and attract more superfans with it


Are you at the very beginning? Are you just in the planning or recording stages of releasing your first or next album? This bonus module is just for you! If you want world-class music that sells MORE, you'll love the lessons here.

  • How to plan out your next album recording
  • How to choose the right songs and singles
  • How to create a budget, find the right players
  • How to find and contact your dream producer
  • How to find the right studio, negotiate rates, and more!
  • How to plan your entire project the easy way so you can focus on the music!


These are key steps that take you from amateur to professional artist. It all comes down to how you launch your music. This will separate you as an artist/band from everyone else!

  • How to launch your music in 4 strategic phases
 (most musicians don’t even know about 3 of them!)
  • How to build a buzz and get on the media’s radar before you
 even release your music
  • Your launch day sequence of events to create waves around the world
  • How to write a killer bio that actually gets attention from people that matter
  • And much, much more!

We've added these two bonus modules because not every musician is in this spot when they join TOM – some already have an album they're ready to rock-n-roll with. Others are at the very beginning, so we're making these bonus modules available for you right away if you need them! (Yes we rock, you're welcome )


We're including extra guides, PDFs, bonus Q&A videos, and tips Leah has produced to help you go the distance and get even MORE out of your Online Musician training than you ever thought possible!

Included, but not limited to..

  • The Quick Cash Generation Guide: Easy to get funds when you don't have any to invest in your music career!)
  • Busy Musician Bootcamp: How to manage your time & energy, especially if you're extremely busy!
  • Songwriting Tips: Tips Leah's learned along the way to help your songwriting process.
  • The Online Musician Ebook: The original workbook to help you think through your album launching process.
  • Bonus Q&A Videos
  • Crowdfunding Tips: Leah's raised tens of thousands of dollars – find out what it takes to make it a huge success!


  • Brainstorm with hundreds of other experienced musicians who are on the same journey
  • Troubleshoot any problem, big or small and get answers quickly
  • Ask for feedback on your music projects, cover art, etc.
  • Get help determining your micro-niche from other experienced people 
  • Create lasting friendships (and collaborations) with people just like you! 
  • Accountability buddies
  • Weekly student live videos for troubleshooting!

Get The Online Musician 3.0 – Leah McHenry, Only Price $167

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