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Uncover the Secret Russian Experiment that Lets You Legally “Steal” the Talents of Absolutely ANY Genius!From Billionaires to Artists to Einstein Himself…



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Uncover the Secret Russian Experiment that Lets You Legally “Steal” the Talents of Absolutely ANY Genius!From Billionaires to Artists to Einstein Himself…

Instantly steal the genius of anyone!

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In the 1960s

Dr. Vladimir Raikov began to conduct experiments involving hypnotism.

His goal was to improve the musical ability and talent of students that were studying at the Moscow Conservatory. Within his experiments, Raikov created three groups.

The first was the control group. These students were not hypnotized at all.

Hypnotism was provided to the second group of students, which included positive affirmations.

The third group was hypnotized as well, but instructed to “walk in the shoes” of the greatest musicians in history.

The results were clear.

Raikov discovered that the third group scored higher on their exams. The highest scores were seen in the areas of artistic interpretation and technical proficiency.

How Raikov achieved this technique is notable.

His deep trance identification caused the students in the second and third groups to be regressed to an early age.

At that stage, they would associate their identity into the Raikov model and this created the feeling of “growing up” with their instrument.

In doing so, their perspective changed. The students in the third group saw themselves as being master musicians, so that is what they became.

Through deep trance identification studies that were completed in 1971, the Raikov Effect was discovered.

It works in the following ways:

  • The Raikov Effect means you take on all the attributes of the person you want to be:  By pretending to be someone else, we can use the unconscious mind to see things from their point of view, think in the way that they do, and even take on their mannerisms and type of movement.
  • The Raikov Effect means we can take on the mindset as though we’ve already achieved the goal we’re working towards:  This means that your mind changes, putting you in mental alignment with the very goal itself.  By doing this we allow ourselves to move quickly and smoothly towards exactly that goal.
  • The Raikov Effect allows you to gain insight into problems and quickly work out how to solve them:  The brain, and your mindset in particular, is not fixed in one particular place.  By knowing exactly how, we can change the ‘filters’ that we commonly use to work things out.  And if we change them to those of a person who’s success we want to copy, then we too can think and act in exactly the same way they would.

Who is the Raikov Effect for?

Well, we have to say that the Raikov Effect is a course for anyone who wants to achieve their goals in life.  And it doesn’t discriminate against anyone – it works no matter what your age, your race, your past success (or failures), whether you’re male or female…  It’s all about changing your mindset to one that works in harmony with yours.  In other words, it doesn’t take over from who you truly are; instead it provides you with the additional input from those who’ve already succeeded in ways that you’d also like to.

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