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Over the last 6+ years, I've built and executed successful search marketing campaigns for hundreds of companies, from small local businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 brands.

In the beginning, it was smooth sailing. A one-man show (me), with a handful of clients. But, as my agency began to bring on more clients and the team grew, things changed….

We didn’t have structured processes around any of our core service deliverables. It was a “free-for-all”. We’d all plug in our headphones, log into some tools, pop open a couple spreadsheets…and stare at the screen.

"Where do I start?" and "What do I do next?"…

Those were two common questions both in the office, and at home while working on personal web projects. Whether it was performing a technical content audit, or building out a structured keyword map for a large client. The result was a TON of wasted time spinning our wheels, instead of getting shit done.

So, I started building out a library of the repeatable processes I first used to grow my blog from zero to a multi six-figure business, and then generate bottom line results for clients across dozens of different industries, from property management and marine electronics to B2B SaaS and defamation law.

The result is "The SEO Playbook". One of the most in-depth search marketing training courses on the planet. ​

This is not a beginners level course on theory, but a series of repeatable systems you can use to build marketable skill sets, train and make employees billable faster, and/or implement immediately to grow your business.

The Content Audit Playbook


A repeatable process for performing technical content audits that consistently drive short and long term organic traffic/conversion growth. You'll learn how to:

  • Set Audit Goals & Assess Penalty Risks
  • Collect Your "Indexable" Content
  • Map Page-Level Data Points (at Scale)
  • Assign Action Items & Strategies
  • Find (and Fill) Content Gaps
  • Build Audit Reports & Prioritize Projects

The Keyword Research Playbook


A repeatable process to find, prioritize and qualify high-value keywords, before mapping them to a site's information architecture. You'll learn how to:

  • Build Targeted Keyword Sets
  • Perform Deep Keyword Qualification
  • Assign Intent & Plan URL Structures 
  • Build Keyword Maps
  • Scale Content Creation (With "Pipelines")
  • Track Rankings & KPIs

The Quick Wins Playbook


A repeatable data-driven process to find and filter "quick-win" keyword opportunities for sites of any size. You'll also learn a series of actionable relaunch strategies that consistently increase organic traffic and conversions within 60-90 days.

  • Extract Existing Keyword Data
  • Set a Keyword Difficulty Baseline
  • Qualify Opportunities With SERP Data 
  • Prioritize Your Keyword Shortlist
  • Master Content Relaunch Strategies
  • Measure Campaign Performance


Course Curriculum

Module #1 – Introduction

  • Welcome! Watch This First (3:43)
  • Playbook Resource List (Tools, Templates & Scripts)

Module #2 – Pull (and Map) Existing Keyword Data

  • How to Pull Existing Keyword Data with SEMrush (9:14)
  • How to Pull Existing Keyword Data with Ahrefs (6:35)
  • How to Pull (& map) Existing Keyword Data with Search Console (9:06)
  • How to Analyze Existing Keyword Data on Large/ Enterprise Websites (10:39)

Module #3 – Identify & Prioritize Your Keyword Shortlist

  • How to Build Your Keyword Shortlist (8:40)
  • [UPDATE] Keyword Difficulty Baseline Templates
  • How to Set a Difficulty Baseline & Qualify Keywords with SEMrush (15:56)
  • How to Set a Difficulty Baseline & Qualify Keywords with Ahrefs (23:01)
  • How to Qualify Keywords by Looking at SERP Content Types (7:48)
  • [UPDATE] Existing Keyword Template v2 (7:25)
  • How to Qualify Keywords by Looking at SERP Content Quality (11:34)
  • How to Use Search Intent to Prioritize Your Keyword Shortlist (20:18)

Module #4 – Content Relaunch Strategies

  • How to Build Authority & Relevance with Internal Links (8:40)
  • How to Drive More Traffic to High Converting Assets with Internal Links (7:03)
  • Introduction to the Content Layering Strategy (7:09)
  • How to Implement "Content Layering" & Crush Your Competition (14:50)
  • How to Add Content Layering Insights into the Content Calendar (1:34)
  • PDF: How to Build Detailed Content Briefs for Writers
  • How to Reverse Engineer Competitors for Rapid Link Prospecting (17:35)
  • How to Prepare Outreach Documents for Link Building (17:39)
  • How to Scale Outreach Campaigns with Mailshake (17:21)
  • How to Drive Social Engagement with Advocacy Lists (14:17)
  • How to Build Quality Backlinks with Custom Search Engines (12:07)
  • How to Increase Your Keyword Spread and Organic Footprint (13:53)
  • How to Move Audit & Keyword Opportunities into the Content Calendar (10:30)
  • [Bonus] How to Move Existing Keyword Opportunities into the Content Pipeline(4:03)

Module #5 – Measuring Campaign Success

  • How to Track Quick-Win Campaign Performance (7:15)
  • BONUS: Measuring Performance with the Relaunch Tracker (1:56)

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