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The Ultimate Plug & Play Blueprint To Recruit World Class Talent For Your Agency



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The Team Accelerator Blueprint – Troy Dean Course of Author, Price $497$1997

How would you like to learn how to build an agency that grows each month without you needing to run it?

I used to think that was some “fairytale” or something that was impossible to achieve until I realised it all comes down to one thing.

Building a team of A-Players.

I truly believe you really are ONE team member away from having the:

  • Income
  • Freedom 
  • Happiness
  • Fun
  • Autonomy

That you’ve always wanted in your agency.

Big promise I know, but I’ve seen it time and time again across the 3500+ agencies we’ve helped in the past 10 years…

The agencies we’ve helped grow to 7 figures that thrive and grow all have one thing in common that struggling agencies don’t.

They know to find and recruit A-Players to build a world-class team.

Here’s Why That’s So Important:

The number one thing you need to focus on as an agency owner is to spend your time working ON the business and not IN the business. 

Imagine if you could spend your whole day working on things that move the needle, instead of being stuck in the weeds and the day to day of your business…

How much faster would your agency grow?

How much more fun would you have?

How much more time freedom would you experience?

Probably a lot more!

And that’s the BIG secret of million dollar agency owners.

They know how to build a team of world class people who can carry out the day to day operations so they can focus on the big picture.

And that’s what you need to know how to do as well. 

Once you get in that situation, your agency will grow exponentially. 

But here’s the problem…

Most agency owners have no idea what to do when it comes to recruiting and building a world class team, and that puts them at a HUGE disadvantage. 

If you’ve ever tried to hire someone before for your agency, it probably looks something like this. 


Manual Recruitment Process

Post on random job posting sites or Facebook Groups about role they need to hire

Interview 5-10 candidates
(if that)

Hire the first person they like that they think can do the job

Agency owner spends time and resources training the hire

Hire starts off strong, but performance starts to drop

Hire leaves agency in 60-90 days usually do to lack of performance or choice

Agency owner thinks hiring is pointless and continues to do the work themselves

Agency owner burns out due to doing too many things at once and feels miserable

Business stays stuck & miserable


Hire Recruitment Agency

Hire recruitment agency that charges anywhere from $1500 – $20,000+ depending on the position

Good chance the person hired from the recruitment agency still isn’t an A-Player

Hire leaves agency in 60-90 days usually do to lack of performance or choice

Agency owner is now out of cash, time, and resources

Agency owner thinks hiring is pointless and continues to do the work themselves

Agency owner burns out due to doing too many things at once and feels miserable

Business stays stuck & miserable

Here’s What You Get In Our Team Accelerator Blueprint

An in-depth program that shows you step-by-step how to find and recruit A-Players to build a world class team to grow your agency. Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside the Team Accelerator Blueprint.


Recruitment Preparation

The Job Scorecard (inspired by Geoff Smart’s book Who) allows you to clearly articulate the outcomes that each role is responsible for delivering.

Next, we need to smoke out the talent.

Let’s face it, most job ads are boring and generic. The Maverick Job Ad Template is designed to attract the right candidates and repel those who are not a good fit.

Use the Job Ad to attract candidates via LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed, Seek or your job platform of choice and send them straight into your interview process via the integrated ClickUp Application Form.

Once you’ve created your shortlist, invite them for the first interview.


3C Interview Process

We recommend three interviews with some homework between each interview. This means it might take longer to secure a candidate, but the chances of success are much higher.

  1. The Culture Interview
  2. The Competencies Interview
  3. The Commitment Interview

We’ve included interview invitation templates, templates for each interview and a bucket of questions you can choose from. The idea is not to ask all the questions, but to choose the ones you think are the most relevant to the role and that will tell you what you need to know about the candidate.


Onboarding & Ramp Up Process

Once the candidate has agreed to the Letter of Offer and signed the Contractor Agreement, it’s time to on-board your new team member and set them up for success.
We’ve included an onboarding template to work through the tasks required for the team leader plus best practises for onboarding your new team member so that they are able to learn more about the company, what tools they need for the job, how to ask for help and some policy examples. 



Now your new team member is on-board, check-in regularly to make sure they have everything they need to succeed. What they need includes clarity, stability, resources, tools and confidence. Your job is to help them fly.


Our Entire Copy & Paste Hiring Process

Get access to our ClickUp hiring process that includes our exact internal SOP’s and done for you templates for recruiting and hiring.

Inside you will get access to our job scorecards, hiring ads, job application form, interview scripts, email scripts, recruitment pipeline, letter of offer template, contractor agreement template, onboarding templates and more.

This completely takes the guesswork out of recruiting and hiring team members.

All you need to do is follow-this process, use the templates, and you’re off to the races. 

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