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The Way of the Superior Man Online Training – David Deida


This program is designed to help you embody and advance in The Way of the Superior Man in all its depth and precision.



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Welcome to the official launch of my new transformational program: The Way of the Superior Man Online Training.

After more than four decades of sharing this evolving work with thousands of men and women in private intensives and live events, I am excited to offer my most comprehensive men’s work in an online training for the first time.

This program is designed to help you embody and advance in The Way of the Superior Man in all its depth and precision.

In today’s world of rapid sexual and spiritual evolution—and thus confusion—I believe the lessons in this program are now more relevant than ever.

What does it mean to be sexually valuable in a post-gender world? How can you manage ongoing sexual desire or its lack? How do you pass through depression and meaninglessness as direct portals to awakening? What do you need to do or become so you can die complete? Is your true purpose effortless?

In this course, you’ll receive extensive teachings and instruction on:

  • Exploring the differences between your life’s deepest purpose and more surface purposes
  • Accessing conscious presence under all financial, sexual, and emotional conditions
  • Cultivating esoteric solo and partner sexual yoga practices
  • Navigating altered states, gain and loss of purpose, and sexual obsession
  • Gaining immediate access to the primal energy of your own deep being
  • And much, much more…

You can read more about all the details of the program below.

I look forward to seeing many of you inside this all-new training.

In gratitude,

David Deida



  • Access conscious presence under all financial, sexual, and emotional conditions
  • How to outgrow work, family, and relationships with integrity
  • Open through grief and discover love deeper than time
  • Relax at play with your partner’s emotions


  • Explore the differences between your life’s deepest purpose and more surface purposes
  • Learn how to give your true gifts to your partner, family, and the world while alive and into death
  • Cultivate total trust in the reality that is living you right now.
  • Relax with the bliss and agony of no-purpose


  • Love your woman even when she drives you crazy
  • Navigate altered states, gain and loss of purpose, and sexual obsession
  • Learn how to heart-pace through tragic and inevitable karmic changes with family, friends, lovers, and colleagues
  • Enter the spiritual portals of depression and meaninglessness


  • Learn to use words and silence to magnify love-desire
  • Grow from shared genital pleasure to mutual devotional worship
  • Practice solo and with a partner for deepening orgasm to God
  • Learn breathing techniques to increase, decrease, and circulate sexual energy
  • Understand why your deepest gifts are often capped by your most intense resistance


  • Discover how to use sex for mutual spiritual growth
  • Learn to use your body as a vehicle for ecstatic dissolution
  • Design a deeply personal sexual yoga practice, both solo and in partnership
  • Practice ultimate lovemaking as unending vulnerability


  • Cultivate esoteric solo and partner sexual yoga practices
  • Gain instantaneous access to your own deep primal energy
  • Explore why honest and respectful communication can be very different from heart-awakening sex-talk
  • Melt emotional wounds through sexual bliss
  • Learn the art of contemplating death

What is The Way of the Superior Man?

When you tap into the vast emptiness of deep consciousness that is your true essence, your entire demeanor and your approach to life change.

You become grounded and unshakable in your Truth, as well as your truth’s living source.

The Way of the Superior Man is a way of cultivating total trust in the reality that is living you right now. However vast this may be, reality is happening now, and it includes you.

This is not merely about “how to have better sex”—although your sexual experiences will unfold as revelations into love’s masculine-feminine mystery, and your erotic capacities may suddenly deepen beyond your born physical form.

This is not merely about “how to pick up women”—although you will become increasingly more trustworthy and magnetic by more deeply embodying your conscious presence.

This is not merely about “how to communicate with your partner”—although these teachings will profoundly enhance your capacity to subtly read your partner’s heart and body, so that few words are ever necessary.

The Way of the Superior Man is a spiritual guide…A step-by-step roadmap toward the mastery of your true life purpose and authentic tantric sexual practices, sourced in deep conscious presence.

Get The Way of the Superior Man Online Training – David Deida, Only Price $35

Accessing Your Deepest Gifts and Purpose

As we enter a new frontier in the expression of consciousness, men and women are faced with new challenges and opportunities for growth and expansion.

New styles of sexual expression are emerging as old roles for men and women are rapidly dissolving.

Women are taking the lead. Men, no longer the sole breadwinners or the most purpose-driven member of the household, are needing to rediscover their worth, both in the world and in relationship.

When a man’s value is no longer measured by what he does, by his finances or social standing, how does he determine his worth?

In our new world, a man’s presence—his depth of awareness—is his most valuable asset.

A man’s worth can be found in his depth of being. A shallow man, easily perturbed and swayed, is worth less to his woman and his world than a man whose presence is deeply sourced.

Your profound and steady gaze conveys more truth than furtive eyes. Your full, even breathing is trusted more than shallow, jittery gasps.

Grounded in the unfathomable mystery of life, you will learn to be in touch with death’s vastness, rather than flitting from one busy surface activity to another. You will be sourced in your own depth.

The Way of the Superior Man is a way of deep gaze, breath, and purpose. It cannot be faked. Right now, you are either knowing who you are at your depth or you’re avoiding it.


Here’s a look inside the training:


Where do you look for happiness? In this module, you’ll discover key areas of confusion that lead men to look for happiness and fulfillment in all the wrong places. You’ll also learn an important distinction between practices that lead to mastery of an art or skill, and practices that lead to happiness. Most men need both to be truly fulfilled, but get lost because they don’t know the difference.

  • Learn to increase your sexual, relational, and economic value via the consciousness that comes through your body
  • Discover the process of resting deeper and deeper into consciousness among the chaos of form and movement
  • Learn specific practices to develop the skill of resting in awareness and experiencing the world at the same time
  • Become aware of yourself as the universe knowing itself to fulfill your purpose from a place of consciousness
  • Learn the dramatic difference between dulling the pain of existence and rising above it


Does your woman drive you crazy? This module will explain to you why women are often so confusing to men. You’ll discover the differences between the Masculine and the Feminine so you can navigate your relationship with a deeper understanding of these dynamics. Ultimately, you will learn to experience an evolution of consciousness and divine love that only the Feminine can bring into your life.

  • Discover how to relate to your woman so she fills your life with light and makes life worth living
  • Learn why men are born with an urge to manifest consciousness in the world, and how women can help you refine that
  • Find out how to balance pain and worship at the same time—so you can repolarize your relationship and move toward spiritual and sexual ecstasy
  • Avoid locking yourself into your past so you can create a future for you and your woman who is aligned with your purpose
  • Cultivate a sexual practice to help you and your woman work through emotional wounds
  • Discover what to do once you actually can have any woman you want or make as much money as you want


How do you use polarity to incite passion and have deeply fulfilling sex? Module three is a deep-dive into the Masculine and Feminine, shedding light on many of the pitfalls you may encounter doing this work. You’ll learn why you’re attracted to your partner—and why they probably drive you crazy. Finally, you’ll discover how to leverage this polarity to fulfill your spiritual quest.

  • Find out where you fall on the spectrum of Masculine and Feminine energy across the realms of body, mind, emotions, and spirituality
  • Create polarity and balance with your partner as you dance to the rhythm of Masculine and Feminine polarity
  • Make clear distinctions between polarized moments and moments of therapeutic closeness, friendship, or functional activities like parenting
  • Discover why men and women tend to attract the same person over and over—and how to work with the polarity of any relationship
  • Whether gay or straight (in terms of physical bodies), learn to embrace the Masculine and Feminine energy to promote deep contentment and creation at the same time


How do you bring deep conscious presence into your relationship so that you are both fulfilled? More than knowing what your woman truly wants and why she does what she does, this module teaches you how to fulfill your partner’s greatest desires while maintaining your purpose.

  • Learn to internalize your clarity of purpose so that you can provide energetically what your woman truly craves
  • Explore why the Feminine is like a river and the Masculine is like the riverbanks; learn how to provide the structure so the Feminine can relax
  • Discover how to be in relationship with a Feminine woman or man without losing your Masculine presence
  • Learn how to direct your Feminine partner to the extent that it makes her blissful and ecstatic
  • Help your Feminine partner transition out of her Masculine and into her Feminine without trying to control her


How do you use the dark side of your Masculine presence in the service of your deepest gifts? The Masculine is fraught with a dark side that includes addictions, pornography, and the drive for sexual conquest. Module five is your guide to making use of these tendencies so you evolve and grow consciously, rather than unconsciously or destructively.

  • Learn how to use consciousness to sustain yourself through the pain of overcoming addictions
  • Repattern your bodymind to convert the momentum of addiction into artful, beautiful energy that serves others and is healthy rather than sick
  • Discover why the Feminine wants to be penetrated by consciousness (by depth), which is why having multiple partners doesn’t usually help
  • Let your natural attraction to the Feminine enliven you and your committed relationship rather than becoming a burden, distraction, or temptation for infidelity
  • Learn how to give your consciousness to someone in a sexual way with very clear, inviolable boundaries


How do you attract a woman ready to meet you at your depth? How do you navigate your attraction to women in general? In this module, you will:

  • Learn how to deepen your consciousness so that you attract women with an equal depth of devotion
  • Discover the true meaning of the word worship and how you can be devotional with unwavering presence
  • Cultivate a conscious connection with your partner that transcends the mental, physical, and emotional so you can deepen your purpose through sex
  • Learn how to attract a woman from “third-stage” consciousness by recognizing her as light and appreciating her vulnerability and willingness to trust you
  • Explore the practice mutual devotion—worshipping each other’s soul/divinity—and real heart-vulnerability as a way to dedicate yourself to love and truth


In module seven, you’ll receive practical techniques to begin to embody everything you’ve learned. You’ll receive instructions on how to transform your sex life and deepen your spiritual connection. This is the groundwork for healing your relationship by healing yourself.

  • Learn how to sexually penetrate your partner with your breath, eyes, and consciousness with or without an erection
  • Learn powerful consciousness, yogic, and healing practices to work with erectile dysfunction and increase sexual intimacy
  • Cultivate your capacity to find bliss and experience fullness of consciousness so you can discover the infinite orgasmic pleasure of awareness itself
  • Discover how to modulate your orgasms with your attention
  • Learn why ejaculation is relaxing and depolarizing, yet can diminish consciousness


This module includes step-by-step exercises and techniques to turn your sex life into a transformational spiritual adventure. You’ll discover how to maintain deep consciousness during sex, and ultimately, into the journey to fulfill your deepest purpose.

  • Learn exactly how to circulate energy down the front of your body then up your spine as you use your fantasies to deepen your consciousness
  • Discover how to liberate awareness from thought and emotional patterns so you can wake up
  • Experience yourself as instantly pure consciousness like a work of art arriving in a flash of inspiration
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to practice the yoga of intimacy with yourself or with a partner
  • Discover how just 10 minutes of practice each day can change your life

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive

#1) 6+ Hours of LIVE Q&A Training Calls with David Deida

For the first time ever, David has agreed to teach this material in an online format and will be available to you on Live Q&A calls. You will be able to submit your questions in advance of these calls. In the past, the only way to get this type of access was to attend an in-person event.

#2) 8 Recorded Training Modules with 12 Hours of Audio Teaching

Each week you’ll receive exclusive content from David’s recent events. This is the most extensive single library of teachings that has ever been offered.

#3) A Private Membership Site with Downloadable Access to the Recordings

Inside the private members’ area, you will get access to a new set of recordings each week of the course, as well as downloadable versions of all the teachings and calls.

PLUS Receive the Following Bonus Sessions:


Discovering and Living Your True Purpose

In this session, we will look at the process of discovering and fulfilling your purpose. When you know your purpose, you wake up inspired and take clear action. When you lack purpose and clarity, then you can get sidetracked and life becomes a struggle. In this bonus session we’ll explore:

  • Simple exercises to discover what you have to do before you die
  • What it feels like in your body when you’re open to your soul purpose
  • The difference between purposes and “opportunities”
  • What to do when something that used to fill you with passion doesn’t anymore


Leveraging Failure to Attain Mastery

The feeling of failure is common in the Masculine. We will look at how to embrace challenges and failures to transform them into the fuel that propels you into mastery—then finally to rest in a state of deep consciousness. In this bonus session we’ll explore:

  • The root reasons why men so often feel like they’re failing at what they want to accomplish
  • How one’s attitude toward failure makes the difference between being an artist and being a technician
  • The role of failure in attaining mastery of any art or discipline
  • How to leverage failure and triumph to illuminate deeper truth and expand your consciousness


Pornography Addiction and Third Stage Practices

Does pornography serve your deepest purpose? Perhaps there is a more conscious way to use porn. In this bonus session, you’ll learn how to use pornography to accelerate your evolution and move toward a third-stage sexual practice. Discover what it means to bring full consciousness and devotion into your self-pleasure, ultimately enriching your sex life and nurturing your deepest purpose. In this bonus session we’ll explore:

  • How to use pornography as a pathway into full consciousness and unity of devotion
  • Creating a tantric masturbatory practice around pornography and converting your addictions into art
  • Learning the steps to finally overcome addiction to pornography and to transform your fantasies into mutual devotion


How to Take Time for Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

How do you rest in the nothingness of consciousness amidst the chaos of family life? How can you embrace the motion and flow of the Feminine by defining and living your deepest purpose? In this bonus session we’ll explore:

  • The difference between needing a divorce and just needing more time to yourself
  • How to determine how much time you really need for yourself, and how much time your woman and/or kids really need from you
  • How to tell your woman you need space in a way she can hear
  • How to use time to yourself most effectively to become the deepest, most conscious man you can, remember your purpose, and bring your gifts to the people closest to you

Get The Way of the Superior Man Online Training – David Deida, Only Price $35

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