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Traffic Hospital – Jimmy Kelley

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AT2 SEO Recovery and Prevention

Traffic Hospital

SEO Recovery and Prevention with Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell

Above: Join the Free Webinar Replay That Introduces SEO Recovery and Prevention Advanced Training 

Video Bootlegged Out of Another SEO Recovery and Prevention Live Certification Event

Jimmy Kelley is considered by many to be the most skilled SEO recovery expert in the world. 

What Is The Traffic Hospital Training Course?

Oh no! Where did my traffic go?

Well, you will probably be undermined by Google panda or Google Penguin penalties!

We would like to invite you to join us for the all new SEO traffic hospital online training course with military level SEO expert Jimmy Kelley and Network Empire CEO Sue Bell.

Your instructors are not fly-by-night SEO propaganda loyalists! They are military level developers with years of SEO experience and online web software development.

We Will Show You How To Remove and Prevent Your Penalty

SEO penalty recovery need not be shrouded in mystery. Anyone can learn to do it, but there is some serious training required.

There are several hours of online webinar training session inside this penalty recovery and prevention course. But it is WELL worth the time to take the training! Some students have easily made $3,000 to $5,000 dollar per client with the skills they have learned within this SEO training course.

In the Traffic Hospital training course, Jimmy Kelley will walk you through the process of recovering a website from SEO penalties. during this process you will also learn the secrets of how to avoid getting your website SEO penalized in the first place. We call this SEO prevention.

There are several other topics that we will cover in this course. Reconsideration requests, for example. You will know when a reconsideration request should and should not happen.

Penalty recovery and penalty removal of unnatural links is also a significant part of fast SEO recovery. One of the main indicators that your website has been penalized is a major traffic drop. For your average website owner this traffic drop is the main thing that gets their attention and causes them to suspect that their website has been penalized.

There are many penalty assessment services on the market. The problem is figuring out which services and Seo experts know what they are talking about and which ones are simply submitting all of your backlinks to the disavow tool. Professional Seo penalty recovery is simply not that easy. We will show you how to think like a true recovery expert and not just a common disavow service.

Google penalties are many. You will also need to know the difference between a Google panda penalty and the Google penguin penalty. There are also several other types of little-known penalties that will be explored within this course. Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell are some of the best traffic recovery experts in the world, and you will learn many of their secrets.

You will also learn how it is possible to set up an Seo service with advanced and professional link removal services. After taking this course, you will no longer second-guess yourself when it comes to the proper use of the disavow tool and the proper process of disavowing links.

Negative Seo is on the rise, and as we move into the era of content broadcasting and content marketing you will find that Seo prevention will become the new standard in an era of ever-growing online link vandalism.

Get trained on how to implement this information long before any of this change becomes a concern! 

Negative SEO: Does It Exist?

Oh, most definitely.

In fact, it is becoming more common as more and more people gain access to seopower tools and forbidden techniques and methods.

In fact, we might say that most of the SEO and back linking tools are creating mostlynegative SEO when they are in the hands of most SEO professionals! This is because most people do not understand the principles and SEO mechanisms that you are about to learn in this course. Admittedly, most negative seo effects come from people who do not know the methods required for sustainable rankings, as well as the overuse of SEO link building power tools such as SEO nuke, link Emperor, Magic submitter, Fiverr gigs, blog network subscriptions, and many many other power tools that profess to give you instant high-ranking.

Are There Truly Vicious Negative SEO Experts Who Intentionally De-Index and Lower Rankings?

Oh, most definitely!

In fact, some of these hitmen will damage your site’s credibility and back link spam any website as long as they are paid their fee.

It is interesting the Google officially denied the dangers of negative SEO in 2013 saying, “There is almost nothing a competitor can do to Chaim your ranking or have your site removed from our index”.

A few months later, Google officially corrected their wording to say “Google works hard to prevent other webmasters from being able to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index.”


In other words, and we can assure you of this, it is entirely possible to get a competitor’s website deindexed, and even more easy to do serious damage to their overall website rankings.

By default, this course will help you understand the principles and theories not commonly discussed within the official Google webmaster doctrine. By fully comprehending the principles laid out by Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell, you will be well on your way to protecting yourself against such vicious and unpredictable competitive behaviors.

Please feel free to join us with a complete traffic hospital SEO recovery course and system.

What Is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a blackhat technique of vandalizing a competitor’s website by spamming it with backlinks. Usually, these backlinks are extremely low quality. Low-quality backlinks tend to lower the quality of your rankings across the board. Most of your keywords will drop out of sight. Negative SEO link attacks can be removed by Disavow but only when properly executed. Reputation management is another way of dealing with negative SEO, but most of the time reputation management services do not know what they are doing when it comes to technical SEO.

Actions for Negative SEO

You will learn a TON of little-known methods to deal with this in the training course, but here are some things you can do now.

Pay attention to your Google webmaster tools and any warnings that might come up. Read up on Google algorithm changes. Read some of the case studies involving negative SEO and decide how you want to handle it for yourself. Negative SEO will probably increase in probability as long as Google utilizes external links as a ranking factor. It is a good idea to study up on this topic. We strongly recommend that you study with the best and SEO recovery. Our team has dealt with serious negative SEO attacks. 

You will learn much of this inside the training. 

Who Is Jimmy Kelley?

A remarkably high-skilled SEO and traffic expert. Formerly a Department of Defense contractor, Jimmy Kelley has an extensive knowledge testing the architectural constructs and engineering of the way things work rather than embracing the emotional neophyte-esque reactions that so plague the SEO industry.

Jimmy has taken highly competitive, multi-million dollar terms and ranked companies for them. His background with computer science and civil engineering helped hone his data analysis to become one of the best SEO analyzers we have ever seen. Through viewing the ideas of the Internet and SEO as a puzzle to be deciphered, his approach to optimization are pragmatic and end with outstanding results.

Included In Your Training

(Stuffed Panda Bear is NOT Included in your Training)

Watch A Domain Get Penalized and How It Incurs A Penalty

  • We’ll take brand new domains and show you exactly what it takes to incur a penalty.
  • Yes! We are going to “Google Penalize” a  real domain and Fix It For You, Right In Front of Your Eyes. (Wow!)

Step-By-Step Process for SEO Recovery

  • We are going to reveal Algorithmic Filters vs Manual step-by-step actions to heal your penalized domain.

 Which Penalty Is Nailing You? Find Out!

  • We will show You How To Determine if its Manual, Algorithmic and/or “Something Else”. (Too many people jump to conclusions!)

 Identifying and Fixing Panda

  • Identifying Panda – A foolproof way to be certain that you have been hit by Google Panda!
  • Step-by-Step Exactly How To Fix Panda! Watch while we go through one or more of the class participants’ sites and identify the problems that need to be fixed!

 Identifying and Fixing Penguin

  • Identifying Penguin – Understanding the signs of a Penguin hit and how it differs from Panda – and EXACTLY how to tell the difference.
  • Step-by-Step Exactly How To Fix Penguin- watch while we go through one or more of the class participants’ sites and identify the problems that need to be fixed.

Page Layout Algorithms

  • Page Layout Algorithm Factors – Give Google What it Wants!

Ongoing Algorithm Updates

  • Panda and the latest findings: Learn more about what Panda  and beyond is really all about!
  • Penguin: Learn what to look for with the filter, identify and recover without a re-inclusion request (in most cases).

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