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You're frustrated, angry, and depressed about your internet business. I get it.

You don't have to feel stuck anymore. The internet works, if you know how to work it. Invest in yourself and take control of your online assets. Get stability and the winning edge you deserve.

Matt Harmon has helped some of the biggest online names take their business to the next level and now he's going to help you. Check out the testimonials further down the page. 

It didn't matter if these bigwigs were having a hard time getting traction, or just couldn't put their foot on the gas to outpace their competitors. He got their offers smokin', and this is your chance to learn how.

Matt gets hired by the best when the best need to UP their game, because he knows how to scale the whale of online ads.

After generating more than $30,000,000 in upfront sales (imagine how huge their backend profit is) he's ready to take on a dedicated group of students and teach them to succeed with his TrafficMaster Academy.

Do you want to make more money with your paid traffic?

Then this is the place for you.

You'll join an elite group of action takers in this intimate online course where Matt teaches you what to do every step of the way. 

You'll also join the closed Facebook group and private live strategy calls to get the advice and coaching you need to succeed. 

Get the same firsthand advice that the gurus pay-six figures to access.

What you'll learn in the TrafficMaster Academy:

TrafficMaster Academy

  • Facebook Friendly – How to run Facebook ads in any niche without getting your account banned.
  • Stability and Scalability – Learn to diversify your traffic sources so if you run into issues on one, your business can keep humming along like a well tuned Harley.
  • Redefine "Crushing It" – Get enough traffic to crush your server by getting the inside edge on huge traffic platforms. This is what the big guys use when it's time to scale to empire levels.
  • Know It, Don't Blow It – Track all your efforts like a boss so you can grow without risk.
  • Scale The Whale – Learn all the powerful traffic sources, and how to tie them together for profitable results at high volumes.
  • Build Your Own Agency – Once you have a handle on traffic, Matt will teach you how to grow a lucrative agency so you can get other people to pay you for running their ads.
  • Save Like A Pro – Get exclusive discounts to professional grade tools and resources only available inside the Academy.
  • Live Video Conferences – Together live Matt will tweak your process, look at your traffic, your ads, and your landing pages. Anything you need, we do it together LIVE!

Special Bonuses If You Sign Up Now

  • Facebook Penny Ads – Learn how Matt gets targeted Facebook traffic for 1¢, 2¢ and 3¢ per click.
  • Thrive Tracking Discount – Get the professional version of Thrive Tracking worth $300/month for only $150/month. Use it if you want or use the powerful and free Google Analytics if you prefer that.
  • Bonus Thrive Tracking Module – Learn how Matt uses Thrive to make himself and his clients more money without risking the bank.

All this up-to-the-minute information will help you improve and transform yourself so you can go from where you are to where you want to be.

Is the $0.03 and Lower Facebook Traffic BS?

Not  a chance. Take a look at the image above. That's a direct screenshot from just ONE of Matt's campaigns. 

When Matt runs ads they only have one purpose; to make money for the offer.

It's not just about cheap traffic. It's about targeted traffic that converts to sales.

Matt runs safely and he runs sustainably. If you haven't watched the video above with his story, you should check it out now.

Is everyone playing fair online?

Definitely not. The big players have always had an unfair advantage, and it's not more money.

They didn't start off rich. They just knew where to access the hidden traffic sources you don't know how to leverage.

Matt will teach you the same tricks and insider information he's used to make his clients over $30,000,000 in upfront sales. The same techniques that consistently catapult him and his students to the top of the affiliate leaderboards.

Why is Matt sharing his secrets?

Anyone that knows Matt knows that he loves to share info without holding back. Earlier this year he started coaching a small group of students and found that he loved it.

His students all started crushing it after following Matt's system. 

It was fun and rewarding for him.

But doing things one-on-one wasn't enough. He wanted to reach more people and help change more lives. 

So he decided to open the Academy and expand his reach at an affordable price.

Is this for beginners or experts?

This course is for you if you want to learn to take advantage of all the traditional AND hidden ad sources to become an expert.

Your level of experience doesn't matter because Matt will start from scratch on every traffic source. You'll get the best tactics out of the gate so you can start buying traffic in a smart way.  You also get live calls and access to the online Facebook group to ask questions as you go.

If you're an expert and think you know what you're doing but have a sneaking suspicion that you're missing something, you probably are. 

Matt looks at advertising in a unique way that will give you those golden nuggets to make the small adjustments that grow exponentially over time. 

Even if you just join the Q&A calls to troubleshoot your offers and ads, you'll be paying for the investment multiple times over.

Do I need to buy anything else to do this?

The only thing you'll need is an auto responder if you want to maintain your own email list. We've tried to give you as many tools and resources as possible to help you succeed. Aside from that, you can use the tools we provide to get started. If you have your own tools, you're of course free to use what you're using now.

When you learn to drive traffic like a pro, your options and opportunities open up.

Do I have to buy Thrive Tracking?

Absolutely not. 

The special 50% Thrive discount we've negotiated is there for you when you're ready for it. If you're just starting out you can use the free Google Analytics to do your tracking. We'll show you how. 

If you have your own tracking tools, you can use those.

When you're ready to move up to the professional version of Thrive, you can take advantage of the discount and never pay full price. The discount is yours to keep even if you decide to leave the Academy in the future.

How is this different than those make money scams online? Why should I trust you?

The main difference is that with other high ticket courses, they try and sell you a "system" for making money and they ask you to trust them. 

What I'm asking is for you to trust yourself.

The tuition you invest in yourself is something you'll have for the rest of your life.

The difference with the TrafficMaster Academy is that you'll learn skills that you can transfer to whatever you want to do.

Nobody can predict the future. You don't know where you're going to be next week let alone next year. Life is full us ups and downs and unexpected surprises and disasters.

What you'll get in the academy is something you can use no matter where life takes you.

Do you want to run affiliate offers because you don't have your own product? Knowing how to buy traffic like a professional will help you do that.

Do you have an offline bricks and mortar business and you want to generate new leads and new customers? Knowing how to buy traffic like a professional will let you do that.

Do you want to use what you know to start your own agency and drive traffic for the millions of businesses that don't know how to do it? Knowing how to buy traffic like a professional will empower you to do that.

You get the idea. Knowing and understanding how to approach multiple traffic sources is way more valuable that any "system" that some guru used up, and sold once it stopped working.

We're not asking you to trust Matt because you can cancel at any time. He has to earn your membership and deliver value every month. 

What I'm asking is for you to trust yourself and believe in your own potential. If you have someone to help you, guide you, and show you the ropes step by step. If you have an expert mentoring you and teaching you, you can succeed.

Is registration open forever?

No. Matt can't handle a huge volume of people and still keep the quality high.

He's putting this offer out to the many marketers he knows with large email lists, so this will fill up fast.  You must act now…

He's also going to provide personal support in the Facebook group and do the live calls himself so that will only work if this program gets capped. 

Matt wants you to succeed and that means his personal attention. 

Once the group gets enough monthly students, he's going to close the doors because he doesn't want to get overwhelmed.

 You have a limited opportunity to sign up, so don't hesitate. Sign up now.

Get Traffic Master Academy – Matt Harmon, Only Price 52$

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