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What would you say if I told you that We have a proven strategy to take someone starting from ZERO and have them generate their First Leads Within the Next 24-48 Hours, and actually put them into Profit within the Next 7 Days?



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Dear Internet Entrepreneur & Home Business Owner,

What would you say if I told you that We have a proven strategy to take someone starting from ZERO and have them generate their First Leads Within the Next 24-48 Hours, and actually put them into Profit within the Next 7 Days?

If you’re anything like we were about a year ago you probably think this is all hype, you might be used to the convoluted online world where people are promising overnight success and riches, you’ve probably heard things like this all the time…and you may be fed up…

You’ve probably joined an online system, affiliate program, or one of the 100% commission programs, which promised you effortless riches, but if you’re anything like us a year ago you have nothing to show for it but money being siphoned from you bank account every single month with ZERO results.

The truth is, the complete story about how people succeed online is not being revealed to you. Building a successful online home business in ANY program is going to take work.

However, getting into results quickly & making money to cover your cost and even into profit quickly doesn’t have to take very long at all…

Meet Kate & Andrew McShea…

Twelve Months ago, Kate & Andrew were sitting at a major industry event as complete unknowns and month after month they were losing money in their business.

Less than one year later Kate & Andrew went from front row attendees to featured Speakers & Trainers at that very same event.

During that 12 month period Kate & Andrew generated over 29,000 leads and signed up over 752 on autopilot into their home business. Kate & Andrew cracked the code and have become Industry Leaders & Trainers for Facebook & YouTube Video Marketing.

Utilizing their Facebook & YouTube Video Marketing strategies Kate & Andrew have generated up to 352 leads in a day and profited over $32,250 in one evening. Kate & Andrew have since built a Multiple 6 Figure Business and they are now considered one the foremost authorities and Trainers on Video Marketing.

Introducing the Only Step-by-Step Traffic System Proven to Get Results In As Little As 20 Minutes!

Module 1: FB Video Traffic Code Overview ($97)

  • How To Quickly And Easily Leverage The #2 Most Visited Website In The World To Get Leads FAST!
  • An Overview Of a Little Known Secret Traffic Strategy To Capitalize On Before The Masses.
  • The 4 Step Overview Of How To Get Leads In As Little As 20 Minutes… Even If You’re A Complete Newbie To Online Marketing!

Module 2: Super-Fan-Page Creation ($147)

  • The Quickest Way To Build A Massive Following On Facebook Without Risking Being Thrown In Facebook Jail!
  • Our 3 Step Facebook Post Formula That Builds A Massive Cult Like Following Of Leads, Buyers And Repeat Buyers
  • Our Sure-Fire Way To Grow A Laser Targeted Fan Base At Lightening Speed For As Little As $0.23 Per Like (Even If You’re Starting From Scratch)

Module 3: 7 Figure FB Toolbox ($97)

  • • Your Step-By-Step Private Virtual Tour Of Facebook Ads
  • Manager And Power Editor That Allows You To Set Up Facebook Video Ads In Under 5 Minutes.
  • Flow To Legally Steal The Best Ads Manager Tricks Top Earners Keep To Themselves To Get Faster And Cheaper Leads

Module 4: Video Post Formula ($197)

  • The Anatomy Of Facebook Videos – Learn What Equipment You Need To Look Like A Pro With Less Than $50 Worth Of Equipment
  •  How To Instantly Hook Your Viewer And Leave Them No Choice But To Stalk YOU All Over Facebook Wanting To Buy Your Stuff
  • The Single Most Important Video Image Trick Virtually Guaranteeing You Triple Your Click Through Rates
  •  Instant Access to Our top Facebook Video Marketing Scripts… Simply plug in your offer and you’re ready to record!

Module 5: Video Ad Code ($197)

  •  5 Simple Steps To Setting Up Your Video Ad So That You Are Getting Leads In As Little As 20 Minutes
  • Get The Inside Scoop On Our Top 3 Video Ads So You Can Get Top Results Even If You’ve Never Placed A Facebook Ad In Your Life

Module 6: 7 Figure Targeting ($297)

  • The Ins And Outs Of Facebook Targeting – How To Target Like A 7 Figure Facebook Marketer Even When You’re A Complete Newbie
  •  Four Ninja Targeting Secrets That Will Cut Your Lead Cost In Half
  •  The Top Three Tools That Find Hidden Audiences No Other Marketer Know About So You Can Make A Killing On Facebook!

Module 7: Ads Pro Optimization ($197)

  • The Four Most Critical Steps That Instantly Turn Your Facebook Video Ads Into An Automatic ATM
  • The Top Four Elements To Optimize That Get You The Fastest And Cheapest Leads

FB Video Traffic Code Real World Value = $1,229

Part Two Of The Bundle…

Tube Traffic Formula – 7 Module Course

Module 1 – Tube Traffic Formula Overview ($97)
•    This Seven Step Blueprint Shows You Exactly How Our Students Are Still Ranking Videos And Getting Daily Leads From YouTube.

Module 2 – Professional Channel Creation ($97)
•    How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel And Look Like A Pro For Just Pennies
•    Our Little Known Secret To Create Instant Authority On YouTube And Google So You Can Rake In A Ton Of FREE Traffic.

Module 3 – Keyword Research Domination ($147)
•    Our 3 Simple Steps And Top Secret Tool We Use Virtually Guaranteeing You Traffic And Leads

Module 4 – “Like A Pro” Video Creation ($97)
•    Steal Our Top YouTube Video Scripts That Instantly Hypnotize Your Viewer To Buy Whatever You’re Selling
•    The Proven 5 Step YouTube Video Format That Draws In Leads, Prospects & Buyers…
All While Keeping YouTube Happy.

Module 5 – Traffic Tsunami – Part 1 ($197)
•    The 7 Simple Steps To Upload Your Lead Generating Video So YouTube And Google Feel Obligated To Send You FREE Traffic

Module 6 – Traffic Tsunami – Part 2 ($297)
•    The 3 Most Important Steps To Utilize After Your Video Goes Live On YouTube… These Secret Tricks Are What Led To Us Generating 29,092 Leads With Video

Module 7-7 Figure Video Optimization ($197)
•    3 Sure-Fire Ways To Protect Your Lead Flow And Protect Yourself From The YouTube Slap!
•    The 4 Critical Components That Easily Take You From Making A Few Hundred Dollars Per Month To Making A Few Thousand Dollars Per Month With Video

Tube Traffic Formula Real World Value = $1,129

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