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This step by step course takes you from the idea stage into creating a simple and intuitive user experience blueprint. There is no theory involved, and no use of design jargon.



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Master Class: Design Your Mobile or Web Application In 7 Simple Steps

Learn the process I used to design 12 apps in 3 years!

Do you believe that great user experience is a competitive advantage, and want to learn how to design your own product? Ever had a great idea for a web or mobile app, but didn’t really know how to start? Or are you wasting a lot of time and money on freelancers that aren’t producing the results you’re expecting?

This step by step course takes you from the idea stage into creating a simple and intuitive user experience blueprint. There is no theory involved, and no use of design jargon. In this course, I demonstrate how I move from the idea stage and through the various steps of designing the user experience, then I provide you with actions to follow at the end of each step. No creative skills needed, and no design tools required. Just a pen and paper or a whiteboard and markers, and you’re all set to go.

By following the simple steps provided in the videos, you’ll create your user experience in one week!

A step by step video course for transforming your product ideas into simple and intuitive user experiences

What you will learn:

  • How to write user stories that capture the main scenarios of using your application
  • How to create a high level map that summarizes the vision behind your idea
  • How to create a list of screens and design user flow diagrams
  • How to model core entities and attributes of the application
  • How to create screen requirements
  • How to sketch high level user interfaces
  • How to add details and annotations to the UX sketches
  • How to sketch and prototype mobile apps

Who should attend this master course:

  • Entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their startups and can’t afford UX freelancers or design agencies
  • App developers who want to create simple and intuitive user interface
  • Program managers who want to integrate the UX process into the product lifecycle
  • Anyone with a great idea and wants to prototype it and test it

Sample video

What you get

Over 3 hours of action videos. You can download the videos and play them on Mac/PC/Mobile.

What people are saying about this course

Best hands-on tutorial on UX so far! I just went over your entire series and I have to say it definitely gave me the most hands-on lessons than most UX books that are conventionally very theoretical to start with. I had all these ideas in my head, and using Amir’s lean methodology, I could clear up my head and put them all down on paper. I love the tools he’s also included here.

-Arti VIlla Chandok, Co-Founder & Partner at GrowndSwell

This is a superb class! I highly recommend this class especially to someone who does not come from a designer background like myself. But, even for a current UI designer, this course still has alot to offer in my opinion. Amir definitely knows how to teach. This is an action based course. so, after you have completed this course, you can simply follow Amir’s guideline to design a great UI.

B. Taek Kim, Designer

Truly valuable! I really enjoyed the course and implemented my own app alongside the slides. I am also a fan of lean methodologies, in which process is king. So I’ll take some time to map your flow of creating great UX, so I can always come back to it. Thank you, I’ve saved me so many frustrations and wasted time.

Vladimir Dubovskiy, Co-Founder at Greenlighted

Great way to dive right in! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the right process for doing UX for projects. I love that Amir breaks down how simple it is to do what is needed to move the needle forward. This is a great place to start…and also a great primer for those who want to optimize their own process. I have had the Keynotopia templates for some time..but thought I needed to do a lot more to be able to use them effectively. Now I know better…and I plan to do better.

Emmanuel Simon, Innovation Strategist at Code and Theory

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