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That course was sold entirely with a four-video launch and has brought in millions of dollars for him through the years with the re-launches of the product and the spinning off a monthly continuity newsletter based on his continuing use of what was taught in the course.



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You’re About Discover Frank Kern’s Video Creation Formula That Allows You To Sell The Hell Out Of Your Content You’re Teaching Or Sell The Hell Out Of A Product or Service

If you’re ever going to get people to take action on concepts/strategies you ask them to do in your content or get into the state of mind where they’re excited about the opportunity to give you money as the result of watching a video of yours, then you’ve got to learn to be comfortable and at ease in front the camera.

One of the ways Frank Kern says helps him do this is by imagining that he’s simply talking to a friend of his who you have a lot of fun with.

If you’ve seen Frank’s videos before, you can see how well this works for him.

Who Is Frank Kern?

Frank Kern’s Mass Control course was my first introduction to this internet marketing beast.

That course was sold entirely with a four-video launch and has brought in millions of dollars for him through the years with the re-launches of the product and the spinning off a monthly continuity newsletter based on his continuing use of what was taught in the course.

Mass Control itself is a rapid-fire, non-stop barrage of fantastic idea after fantastic idea on how to talk to befriend your perfect prospects during a product launch so that they welcome what you have to offer with open arms.

And what you’re seeing here is what has led to Frank having a legendary streak of successful product launches.

The Three Steps To Creating Captivating Videos

Before you go all gung-ho on putting a video together you want to be crystal clear on the one thing you want your video to accomplish.

You either want to get someone to opt-in to your list, sell a product or a service, or just show up, be cool, and offer something valuable to them.

If you make sure that you use the following three steps, you’ll be well on your way to having them take the action you want them to.

So the first step to creating captivating videos is you want to

Step 1: Interrupt This Person’s Current Train Of Thought

The one major mistake you can make when shooting a video is have this person at the very beginning say to themselves, “Oh, I know what this is.”

Think about infomercials, you know those half-hour commercials you see on late TV at night? The people that design these have to keep thinking of fresh angles/approaches to use in order to overcome this initial hurdle.

If everyone in your market is opening videos and shooting them the same way, you want to look for a way to do the opposite of everyone else so that people have to pause and say to themselves, “This isn’t at all what I was expecting and I’m anxious to see what’s coming.”

The way Frank Kern did this when he took the internet marketing world by storm with Mass Control was with . . .

High HD Quality Video:

Frank was the first person I can recall making his videos look they were shot by a professional video crew. He was the first marketer I can remember that didn’t want to serve you content as if he was doing a news broadcast at you.

He took you with him through his house, to the beach, to his office, etc. and all the while the video looked pristine just like the footage you see that gets broadcast on TV.

If you’re in a non-internet marketing niche, I imagine you can make a huge impression on your market by doing this.

Multiple Camera Angles/Color

Frank had two cameras set up, where one was right in front of him and one was at 2 ‘’clock or so that caught him from a front/side angle and they switched from color to black and white.

If you go here to this awesome tutorial, you’ll see exactly how to give your videos this Frank Kern/Hollywood Effect.

Step 2: Purpose Driven Content

Creating content purely for the sake of creating content is something that broke people do.

The people raking down serious cash as a result of their online activities are doing so because the amazing content they’re making serves multiple purposes with a single profitable (to you and them) goal in mind.

The wizards over at Copyblogger are brilliant at setting up launches via regular old looking blog posts. With their content, them just showing up and being cool, they open up a conversation with their market about what they’d like to see and what they feel about certain topics and this is an INCREDIBLE way to come in under the radar in service of answer all of your markets objections they have to something you’re going to offer as well as helping them see that they need help with the topic as well as figuring out everything your market would like to see in a certain product/service. This is their unique contribution to the process of launching and I think it’s smoother than the four video launch that Jeff Walker popularized.

The next important thing to focus on when delivering this content is . . .

Show Them The Path To Results

You want to seriously consider what your perfect prospect wants to have show up in their life right now.

For single guys looking to get into a relationship with some member of the opposite sex, the result they want is a woman to smoosh genitals with that wants to share her life with them.

So you want to show this person the path to making this outcome a reality.

But keep in mind that it’s crucially important that when you’re showing people how to make this happen, you keep the premise of “Measurable progress in manageable time” in mind.

First you map out the milestones they have to reach in order to progress one step closer to their outcome. Now think of the single guy. For him to get a girlfriend there’s a few things he’s gotta do. He’s got to start a conversation with a woman (milestone 1), he’s got to open her to where she’s enjoying the possibility of getting to know him better (milestone 2), he’s got to ask for her number (milestone 3), and he’s got to set up a date (milestone 4).

These are all milestones that single guys who want a girlfriend have MASSIVE trouble with so if you show a guy how to get from Milestone 1 to Milestone 2 to Milestone 3 to Milestone 4, they are going to love you.

And this can be broken up into four blog posts or four videos.

When you think through the content at this level, you’re not just putting out content to put out content. You’re coming at this from the angle of what would best serve your perfect prospect and how to lay everything out where they can see that what’s been impossible for them to achieve is doable now.

And the cardinal rule to obey with all your content is that it’s gotta be either 100% content or 95% content, 5% selling. If you follow these break downs, the people who consume it will always be grateful for having spent that time with you and this is the first step in allowing them to invite you in to their life.

Step 3: Ask Them To Take Action

Now after you’ve demonstrated that you’re the wizard and you’ve got a system in place that gets results, your perfect prospects will be open to the idea of getting their hands on an in-depth solution and the possibility of getting into a working relationship with you.

But this is a place where many people drop the ball. They run 95 yards down the field, make a connection with their perfect prospects and have these people in love with them and then they drop the ball when it comes to asking for the sale.

So Frank broke this down what he learned from the copywriting beast John Carlton and the simple steps that have allowed Frank to rake in million after million after million . . .

The Four Steps To Selling Anything

What you’re about to see is incredibly simple, yet incredibly potent and if you follow these steps, you’ll make it easy on yourself to offer what you have.

Here is exactly what you tell people in order to get them responding the way you want them to . . .

1. Here’s what I’ve got

2. Here’s why you should listen to me about this topic

3. Here’s what it will do for you

4. Here’s what I want you to do

When you follow those three guidelines, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG.

And if what you’re offering is awesome, and you chicken out and you don’t do this, or dance around the idea that you have a request to make of them or cheat it by leaving one of the steps out you’re doing your perfect prospects who’ve grown to love you a disservice.

This is the easiest, most direct, most profitable approach to asking someone to do something and when you use it, you’ll be light years ahead of the 95% percent of your competitors who go about it the entire wrong way.


So now you’ve seen under the hood of a video sequence that allows people to fall in love with you and want to take the relationship to the next higher level.

Now take what you’ve learned and go put it work for you.

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