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You couldn’t have picked a better time to get into the business of finding “lost money.” It doesn’t seem like a down economy would be a time when people are losing track of their money, does it?



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You couldn’t have picked a better time to get into the business of finding “lost money.” It doesn’t seem like a down economy would be a time when people are losing track of their money, does it? Most people associate “unclaimed funds” with people who are well-off – those that could forget they had a bank account with money in it, or forget that they owned stock that paid them dividends each year. And maybe that is true, for those kinds of missing funds.

But the kinds of funds you’re going to deal with as a money finder almost never belong to rich people – quite the opposite. These funds are created when people lose their homes for unpaid taxes or mortgages. That is why this aspect of the found money business is booming right now, even more so than in a good economy.

It’s a great thing to get into this business – both from a selfish and a selfless standpoint. While you stand to make a lot of money for yourself, you’re also doing a good thing by helping people who have lost property to foreclosure claim the money they don’t realize they’re owed. In twelve short chapters, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to get your own successful found money business up and running!

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