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Yuen Method Chinese Energetics Home Study Course – Paul Wong


If You’re Ready To Learn How-To Heal Your Emotional And Physical Issues, Read This Letter And Go Through 15 Minutes Of FREE Sample Audio…


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Learn Art of Neutrality with this In-Depth Home Study Course COMBINED With EASY Step-By-Step Process to Eliminate Emotional Issues & Physical Pains

If You’re Ready To Learn How-To Heal Your Emotional And Physical Issues, Read This Letter And Go Through 15 Minutes Of FREE Sample Audio

Dear Friend Who Wants To Learn Art of Neutrality,

Since our website is growing with so much content, you probably have questions why we put together a Home Study Course. To best answer you questions, read the FAQ below. Next, go though the Outlines of Tele-Class I: Fundamentals and Case Study I: Private Coaching of our Home Study Course and listen to the free audio samples by clicking on.

1) What will you learn from the Art of Neutrality Audio Home Study Course?

In Tele-Class I: Fundamentals of the Home Study Course, you will learn an EASY STEP-BY-STEP process on how to do the basics for correcting Emotional and Physical Issues. First, you will learn the 5 Categories of Weaknesses and how to apply them to energetic corrections. Next, we will teach you Shortcuts to get even faster results for pain and stress relief. Once you learn this EASY STEP-BY-STEP process, you will be following along through several REAL LIFE examples of how Art of Neutrality works. This will give you a good understanding on how to apply Art of Neutrality for yourself and others.

The next part of the Home Study Course, Case Study I: Private Coaching, you will get a different perspective of the basics and go even further down the rabbit hole with Art of Neutrality.

2) What is the difference between the Audio Home Study Course and taking a live Tele-Class?

With the Home Study Course, we have selected our BEST recorded material to give you the Easieist way to learn Art of Neutrality. With these Recorded Audios, you have the ability to listen to them over and over again until you are comfortable with the material. Because all the audios are recorded in MP3 they can easily be listened to in your IPOD or music player. With the Home Study Course, You will also receive 3 Hours of bonus material of a LIVE PRIVATE COACHING Session, where you can gain a different perspective of Art of Neutrality and start learning components of Tele-Class: Part 2, such as Physical and Molecular Corrections.

A Live Tele-Class offers a different value. You will ONLY be able to go through the material once, however, you will get Live coaching from Paul Wong and you will receive corrections for emotional and physical issues.

To become a skilled Art of Neutrality Practitioner it is reccommended to invest in a Home Study Course and do Live Tele-Class. You can do both at the same time or just start with Home Study Course to get comfortable with Art of Neutrality.

3) What is the difference between the Audio Home Study Course and Art of Neutrality Free Video Library?

The Home Study Course will give you all the ESSENTIALS and FUNDAMENTALS you need to apply Art of Neutrality to yourself and others. The Free Video Library is designed to give you Case Studies and Examples that you can apply on top of the Home Study Course and Tele-Classes. Once you complete the Home Study Course, it is important to continue going through our Video Library to up your skills.

What’s Included in the Audio Home Study Course

Tele-Class Part 1: Fundamentals (4 Hours Recorded Material)

This introduction class is to learn the basics of Art of Neutrality (former Chinese Energetics).   In this recorded tele-workshop, Paul Wong share his experience applying various Chinese Energetics methods such as the Yuen Method, qigong, acupuncture and other eastern practices.   This work applies cutting-edge energetic methods for self-healing, regeneration, and accelerated performance improvement.

Note: This audio was produced in 2010.   This course a simple and powerful technique for releasing and relieving physical pain and other non-physical issues.  Many students have successfully applied the techniques and have benefited using this course.  However, much has changed since 2010.   There is a also much updated DVD training produced in 2013.    Since then, the most recent energy training is called work  Opening the Heart energy transmissions.

Course overview

Click to Play Free Audio Samples

  • 01. Benefits and Applications of Art of Neutrality
  • 02. Principle of the Midline
  • 03. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 1: Standing Pose
  • 04. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 2: Visualize Mental Objects
  • 05. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 3: Tongue Exercise
  • 06. How to Feel Strong & Weak? Exercise 4: Combine All Exercises
  • 07. The 5 Categories of Energetic Weaknesses
  • 08. The Unknown Category of Energetic Weaknesses
  • 09. Making Energetic Corrections using 5 Categories (Fear of Driving Example)
  • 10. Deleting Effects of a Cause – Cause/Effect Model (Anxiety in Heart Example)
  • 11. 5 Categories Shortcut for Deleting Causes (Car Accident Example)
  • 12. Deleting Associations Shortcut (Driving Example Continued)
  • 13. Energizing a Thought/Intention using Midline
  • 14. Example: Correcting Husband to help his Wife with Physical Pain
  • 15. Example: Correcting to Be Neutral to work on other People
  • 16. What to do if Blockages are not moving?
  • 17. Example: Correcting for not having Expectations & Feeling Safe
  • 18. Example: Son Being in a Neutral State with Mother
  • 19. Example: Meta-Questions & Being Neutral when Correcting People
  • 20. Quick Recap
  • 21. Example: Feeling Neutral to Family being Critical of doing Energy Work
  • 22. Example: Feeling Neutral about Expectations of Making Corrections
  • 23. Example: Feeling Neutral about Not Knowing what to do
  • 24. Example: Feeling Neutral about Correcting a Person down to Zero
  • 25. Correcting using Specific Corrections, Specific Intuition, and Shortcuts
  • 26. Example: Neutralize Woman W/ Driving (Using All Methods to Correct)
  • 27. Example: Neutralize Woman W/ Accident (Using All Methods to Correct)
  • 28. Example: Making Progress in Areas of Life, Job, Neutralize Setbacks
  • 29. Example: Being Neutral W/ Family Reunions
  • 30. Conclusion and Moving Forward

BONUS MATERIAL: Case Study 1: Private Coaching

(3 Hours of Bonus Recorded Material)

This is Private Coaching that expands into more advanced areas from Tele-Class: Part 1 Fundamentals. In this part you will learn how to make physical corrections and learn how to correct your organs, molecules, atoms, and quantum particles.

Course overview

Click to Play Free Audio Samples

  • 01. The 5 Categories that Cause Energetic Weaknesses.
  • 02. How to Feel for Strong. (Exercises)
  • 03. How to Make Energetic Corrections using the 5 Categories.
  • 04. How to Make Energetic Correction for Others.
  • 05. Cause & Effect Shortcut Technique.
  • 06.Correct for Distress of a Sick Pet. (Case Study)
  • 07. Correct for being Neutral to not Getting Results. (Case Study)
  • 08. Correct to be Neutral for Failing to Follow Rules. (Case Study)
  • 09. Correct for Attachment to Food to Help with Weight Loss. (Case Study)
  • 10. Delete The Effects Correction Shortcut.
  • 11. Removing Energetic Attachments to Animals. (Case Study)
  • 12. Removing Energetic Attachments to People. (Case Study)
  • 13. Removing Energetic Attachments to World Violence, Feeling Peaceful. (Case Study)
  • 14. Being Neutral to Mortality of Self and Family. (Case Study)
  • 15. How to Make Corrections to Remove Blockages that are not Moving/Shifting?
  • 16. Strengthening your Organs; Physical/Structural Corrections.
  • 17.Strengthening your Molecules, Atoms, and Quantum Particles.
  • 18. Strengthening your Cells: Cellular (cytoplasm, Mitochondria) Corrections.
  • 19. Strengthen Stomach, Heart, & Lymphatic System.
  • 20. Increase Efficiency of Breaking down Cellular Waste
  • 21. Strengthening your Eyes.
  • 22. Healing Knee of Person’s Mother. (Case Study)
  • 23. 2 Point Weaknesses; More on Structural Corrections.
  • 24. More on Healing Physical and Emotional Issues of Person’s Mother. (Case Study)

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